Help Save Our Theater Program

Tara Ferguson
Help Save Our Theater Program #1
Posted: 11/3/19 at 7:54pm

Hi fellow thespians, If this post is inappropriate I will ask 100% forgiveness but I didn't know another alternative. I am a 12 year theater teacher in rural Nevada who exists on a shoestring budget, which is nothing new. We make do and do some pretty cool stuff. However, for the next 30 hours we are in a competition to win $10,000. $10,000 is our budget for the next decade, so it would completely change our world if we won. The way we win is we have the most votes. That's it. No tricks. No scams. Just something that a local automotive group does every year to help the community. We are in second place right now. I've asked everyone I know. My kids are asking everyone they know and now, I guess, I'm gonna Blanche DuBuis this and depend on the kindness of strangers. I'm not going to throw away my shot, and I am desperately thst my program will be found. If you have ever wanted a bigger budget for a show, could you just go with that thought and give us a vote? I know is a weird thing to ask, but I'll never have the chance to get $10,000 like this again so I'm asking. Please just one vote....