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Moulin Rouge Los Angeles?

Moulin Rouge Los Angeles?#1
Posted: 9/19/19 at 12:41pm

Ahmanson or Dolby?   Crossing fingers its Ahmanson.

With a 2020 tour, we won't be luckily enough to have Hamilton close and shows back at the Pantages by the time this comes.  One positive about LA, we are generally one of the earlier stops in tours.   Please note, the previous sentences are not hatred directed at Hamilton, only the Dolby barn of a room that the Pantages subscription is moving into while Hamilton is camping out down the street.   So while I love Ham, I hope it has a nice short return run in LA and the Dolby can go back to just hosting the Oscars and AGT.

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Mike Barrett
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Broadway Legend
Moulin Rouge Los Angeles?#2
Posted: 9/19/19 at 12:52pm

This really isn't touring at least until Feb 2021, after the New Orleans and Chicago. So this may not even get to LA around late summer/fall 2021. Especially if they're playing for 10 weeks in Chicago, they're doing longer runs in major cities. Likely a show like Hamilton through its initial years touring will more than likely play at least 3/4 weeks wherever they are playing, if not longer of course. But who knows, id expect the Dolby or Pantages frankly to make as much $$ as possible. Hopefully it plays the Ahmanson, for as big of a show it is it does somewhat require intimacy. Also hoping it returns to the Colonial when it comes back to Boston.