Audition Ideas for Tarzan!!!

Audition Ideas for Tarzan!!!#1
Posted: 5/24/19 at 2:53pm

Hi!! I'm a 16-year old actress, and I'm looking to audition for my school's production of Tarzan. I know my name says that I'm a Soprano (I am, kinda) but the role I'm going for is actually Kala. I look much older than most kids my age, but I need a killer audition song to cement the role in. 

I'm a Mezzo-Belter and my range is Eb3-C6. I'm experienced in Opera, Choral, and MT vocals and have been singing for 11 years. If you'd like to hear my voice, I'll link a video ( Audition Ideas for Tarzan!!!

Previously, I have sung No One Else from Natasha and Pierre, Mad Hatter from Wonderland, Come to my Garden from Secret Garden, Always True to You from Kiss Me Kate, and Moving the Line from Smash.

I have been thinking about this for a while, but I can't come up with any great ideas. I think a ballad could be great, but I need a solid alto ballad (which is fairly hard to find for younger singers).

Any ideas would be amazing and appreciated!!!!

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