Getting into musical theatre schools

Getting into musical theatre schools#1
Posted: 5/23/19 at 4:07pm

A little background first before I start: I live in Europe in a non-English speaking country (but I would say my english is pretty strong). I absolutely love musical theatre and because of that I started having singing lessons. I would say I'm a decent singer, I can carry a tune. I also started going to ballet lessons earlier this year and I'm taking more ballet and jazz classes that start soon. I have no experience in acting. So. I have been dreaming of applying to a uni or college where I could study musical theatre. Preferably in an english speaking country. Should I just audition for a foundation course or should I try and audition for a BA? Is it possible to get in with my experience (or lack thereof)? And I would be grateful if someone could share their experiences and/or colleges/unis which I could look into. Thanks!