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Opinions on 4th show for early March trip

Opinions on 4th show for early March trip#1
Posted: 1/17/19 at 4:20pm

Hi all,

First time poster but I've been reading the boards for a while.  I'm planning a trip March 7-10 and want to do 4 shows.  I'm pretty set on Dear Evan Hansen, The Prom and Kiss Me, Kate.  For the 4th show I'm considering Alice By Heart, Choir Boy or the Betsy Wolfe cabaret at 54 below.  I know a couple of these aren't even in previews yet so you won't have opinions on the shows, but what are thoughts on catching an extra broadway show vs. an off-broadway show vs. a 54 below experience?  I haven't been to New York in a little over 10 years and I doubt I'll be back any time soon if that makes a difference!


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Opinions on 4th show for early March trip#2
Posted: 1/17/19 at 5:46pm

Choir Boy closes February 24th, so that makes that decision easier for you. :) 

I think 54 Below is always a good time... it's pretty different than going to a show, so that might be a fun alternative for you, especially if you're a Betsy Wolfe fan. Every seat is really close. But I think Alice By Heart could also be really cool. Go with your gut!

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Opinions on 4th show for early March trip#3
Posted: 1/17/19 at 6:01pm

It's really up to you! I think the cabarets are fun, but I have a hard time choosing one over the show since I live out of town. 1) I get frustrated with the ticket price + food/bev minimum (and it's hard to hit the minimum exactly...) 2) I think I have a better chance of seeing someone's cabaret again at a later time (or a different city) but am not always sure I'd be able to catch the show again. Especially a limited run or an off-broadway show. With that, I usually end up always choosing a show over the cabaret. 

That being said, if Betsy is one of your favorites - 54 Below is always a great time and you can usually meet them afterwards!

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Opinions on 4th show for early March trip#4
Posted: 1/17/19 at 6:10pm
Is Betsy doing any late night shows? I went to a 9:30 show at 54 Below after seeing a 7:00 p.m. show at Studio 54 on a Sunday. It helped that it was The Lifespan of a Fact which was only 90 minutes long. Just an idea in case you could see Alice by Heart plus Betsy!