RBG@Lisner U.S.Premiere Gounod's Sapho WCO

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RBG@Lisner U.S.Premiere Gounod's Sapho WCO#1
Posted: 11/19/18 at 9:42am

The notorious RBG was at Lisner last night for the US Premiere of Gounod's "Sapho". RBG is a well known opera maven and even 3 bruised/broken ribs could not keep her from being there and hearing this glorious "little known" opera. They sneaked her in during the pre-show lecture but when she came back in during intermission, she got the longest (7-8min) standing O and loudest applause of the evening. Gods and Goddesses please continue to watch over her!!

As for the production, wonderfully realized and performed by the WCO Concert Opera Chorus (Kudos!) Orchestra (Seamless!) and Kate Lindsay as Sapho, brought down the house. Amina Edris as Glycare was just as breathtaking! Again, these once in a lifetime performances and casts, from NYC to DC and more are quite unique and I hope they continue in their success.

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