New 'Report Abuse' Links + Updated Suspension Policy


We had this in the works, but today's reminder by Patti Murin about the power of words and the importance of remembering while we're all here encouraged us to speed up the release that we just pushed out.


If you see something that's violated our message board guidelines, and think it should be removed, there's a new 'report to mods' abuse link next to each message which should make it easier for you, and us. 


Update - Also, as requested by several members, we have updated the guidelines by spelling out the site's policy on warnings, temporary and permanent suspensions. Our rules remain the same, with the most important one at the top - 'please post with courtesy (and common sense) - no use of profanity, obscenities, or name calling.'  


Now, back to chatting all things Broadway and beyond!

Updated On: 3/12/16 at 07:03 PM