Subscription Ticket Exchanges

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Subscription Ticket Exchanges#1
Posted: 8/26/14 at 5:00pm
Is there a best time to exchange subscription tickets for a show, ie as soon as possible or closer to the show date? I just received my roundabout ticket for The Real Thing, and I need to change dates. The show plays October through early January, and I got a late December date that I can't make. Is it better to wait until performances start in October or try to ask now for alternate dates? What is the best method to get the best seat I can out of a new date?

I'm assuming also it's best to do the exchange via the phone rather than the little mail slips they send, correct? Or should I wait until the box office opens?

Thanks for any insight!!
Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Subscription Ticket Exchanges#2
Posted: 8/26/14 at 6:30pm
Personally I would wait, I always see Roundabout adding tickets back to their ticket pool closer to the performance date. Probably subscriber exchanges or subscriber ticket hold backs.

You can always call and see what they recommend doing, they are usually helpful. Although I would wait a few days heard the hold time for callers is quite long right now. A lot of people in the same boat, got dates that do not work for them. I am not sure why they do not let people pick their own dates. I had checked my account page on their website and saw the dates and seats I was assigned. Glad I did I almost booked another show on one of the dates.