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Questions about FELA!'s rush & who is playing Fela

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A few questions:
1) How are the FELA! rush seats? I've heard not so great, but can someone elaborate?
2) How late is too late to get to the theater for the rush, generally?
3) If I were to get there at 6, when the rush starts, will the person playing Fela that evening be up on the boards? Or do they usually update the cast board in terms of who is playing Fela later in the evening?

Thanks in advance!
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1. The rush seats aren't awful, but they are definitely not the best. There is a runway that juts out into the audience, and the seats are mostly to the left of this runway. When there aren't any dancers on the runway the view is generally fine, but the runway is frequently used, and Fela is often obstructed.

Also there is a serious and important scene in act two that is only told through projections on the back wall. It will be hard to catch the whole story in these seats.

2. One time I got there at 5:45 and there were 9 people ahead of me. Another time I was there at 6:30, walked right up and bought a seat.

3. Both times the actor playing Fela was up by 6.

Hope you enjoy!!
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When I saw it a couple saturday nights ago I was there at 5:30 and got G 13 and 15 which were not obstructed at all. They were directly in front of the ramp. Can't help you with the rotation schedule, though.
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don't let them sell you c-17. If they offer it, say you'll pay $10, see what they do.
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I went the Saturday matinee after Thanksgiving. We got there right at 12 and got the last two rush seats together (he started selling them right when we arrived and gave out 5-10 tickets before us). I was seated right next to the runway and could kind of see the projections but my friend couldn't and had to lean over me to see during that scene. And the sign up for who would be playing Fela was not up (it still had Sahr's name up from the night before when we got the tickets but when we came for the performance it had been changed to Mambo).