Scotland releases Lockerbie bomber on "compassionate grounds"

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I understand where everybody is coming from, but I for the life of me cannot understand why so many see no opportunity to even consider the idea of compassionate justice, even in so extreme and distressing a case.

I understand the basic issues with it and the gut emotions involved, and I certainly feel them, too.

Had I been in the Justice Minister's place, I feel I would have denied his release.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I suppose my main issue has to do with the way our national discourse has generated into nothingness. Examples exist all over the place, from the healthcare debate to torture to any other political issue currently in the zeitgeist, and this case is a stark example to me primarily because the sides on the issue are so lopsided. So many appalled, very few considering the other side, a side the vast majority see as revolting...thus the demonization of the Justice Minister.
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