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Me And Orson Welles

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re: Me And Orson Welles#5
Posted: 12/13/09 at 4:28pm
I really loved this film.

It was mainly Ebert's quote that made me want to see it. It sounded a bit hyperbolic, but I figured there had to be something there for him to make a statement like that.

I certainly see where he is coming from. I loved every second. Christian McKay is wonderful as Orson. Beyond wonderful. The production design is perfectly evocative. The film looked beautiful. I loved listening to the underscoring and trying to pinpoint the various songs.

Efron is fine. It's a role where things happen around him more than anything else. He has very little agency, thus while he is the lead the movie is much more about the whole surrounding him.

By the time we got to see the production of JULIUS CAESAR that the film centers around, I was in love.

All in all, I feel safe saying I highly recommend it. Reminded me of the many, many reasons why I love theatre. And it made me want to rent a lot of Welles films. I am ashamed to say that the only one I have seen is CITIZEN KANE.
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