Printer Friendly - I like this board set up better than Message Board--Down Again
Posted by bongoboy 2003-05-13 16:12:38

OY...I just started posting some messages after a long absence. Refugee
Posted by Eleven 2003-05-13 16:35:09

Yeah, when went down, I came over here and signed up. Perhaps it will help the growth on this new Board. It is especially disheartening when so many Threads & Posts were lost on as was the case last week.

How much info. will disapear this time?

Oh well, I look forward to exploring this and its features.

Welcome refugee
Posted by bongoboy 2003-05-14 08:52:14

I haven't had time to check out how much info (if any) was lost over there...but in any case welcome.

I like this board set up better than
Posted by KB 2003-05-14 19:40:11

No https problems either. lol.