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Guys and dolls Audition songs?
Posted by Ariana Colletti 2018-11-04 18:39:09

I am a middle school student and we are doing Guys and Dolls at our school. I can't pick a song to do for my audition because I want to find the perfect one. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I am in my school's choir, show choir, and theater 3 which you have to audition for. My range is F2-F6 and I have been placed as every voice part in our choir but mostly I am soprano 2. I am going for Adelaide as my first pick but other people say they think I should go for Sarah so I would like options for both maybe but I think I personally would rather get Adelaide.  Auditions are at the beginning of December. My choir teacher has already told me not to do anything from Wicked so please none of that and callbacks are when they hear us sing songs from the show so I can't do any of those. I would love to hear some recommendations if anyone has any!

Guys and dolls Audition songs?
Posted by Cait Smith 2018-11-04 19:52:11

Omg!  I was in the same boat as you three years ago when I was in 8th grade :) I really wanted to play Adelaide, so I sang "So Long Dearie" from Hello, Dolly!  The lyrics fit Adelaide so well, and the directors loved it!  Agreed on the whole no Wicked thing, it's a teensy bit overdone.  Hope this helped!

Guys and dolls Audition songs?
Posted by Eliza_Olive_AndLucy 2018-11-08 21:36:49

I did "Show Off," from the drowsy chaperone and got Adelaide. Soooooo