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Student Blogger: Emma Rose Dorsch - Page

BWW Blog: Zoom Tech Week Tips and Tricks
October 16, 2020

Hello folks! Sorry that it’s been a while, but I’ve been very busy! Namely, tonight we open my University’s production of The Women by Clare Boothe Luce. I’m playing a bunch of roles in an ensemble track, and the whole process has been an exciting, Zoom-filled blast. 

BWW Blog: The Non-Thespians Guide to Dating a 'Theatre Person'
September 16, 2020

A new school year has begun, or will soon for many. A new year full of new possibilities, and new relationships.

BWW Blog: Mellow Music
September 11, 2020

Like many fellow theatre people, and just, well,a?? people, I have anxiety. Certain situations, or even nothing at all, can cause me to have panic attacks and suddenly assume the worst. When I get like this, one of the few things that can mellow me out is music.

BWW Blog: Remember Sandy Koufax - My Career and My Religion
August 7, 2020

My Judaism and theatre have always gone hand in hand.

BWW Blog: The Plus in Casting Plus Sized Women
August 4, 2020

Many leading lady roles in the musical theatre canon could not only be played by plus-sized women easily but when played by plus-sized women, add an extremely interesting and revolutionary take on the role.

BWW Blog: Creativity in the Quiet
July 8, 2020

Not shocking, being a Musical Theatre major, but I sing. A lot. Under my breath, while cleaning, even aggressively lip-synching while working out. Singing for me is an instinct. But not lately.

BWW Blog: Originating a Role
July 1, 2020

No role challenged me as much as an artist or showed me the power of performance more than when I got to originate a role. 

BWW Blog: The Backup Plan
June 12, 2020

It's a dreaded question for theatre majors everywhere; What's your backup plan?

BWW Blog: The Problem with Tracy Turnblad
June 9, 2020

I'm unashamed to say that my favorite musical is Hairspray. One of my fondest childhood memories is singing along to Mama I'm A Big Girl Now with my Mom. Beyond nostalgia, it has a great message, and I relate to the character Tracy Turnblad.

BWW Blog: Why You Should Date a Musical Theatre Major
June 4, 2020

We all know dating is hard, but dating in as a Musical Theatre major? Insanely difficult.

BWW Blog: Getting to Know You
June 1, 2020

Hello, Broadway World!. I was so excited to write my first post and start sharing my ideas that I forgot to share myself, that is, to introduce myself! Before you read my opinions and views, I thought you might want to know a little about me and my theatre journey.

BWW Blog: Zoom University, Department of Performing Arts
May 26, 2020

Oh my goodness, my first post! I'm so excited to share my thoughts and ideas with all of you. First off, I would like to look back on the past semester.