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BWW Blog: The Non-Thespians Guide to Dating a 'Theatre Person'

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If I’m not a “theatre person”, how do I date one? Well, let me give you some Do’s and don’ts. 

Hey Broadway World, it's me again! As you may recall, back in June, I wrote a piece about why you should date a Musical Theatre major (conveniently titled, Why You Should Date a Musical Theatre Major). Well folks, here's what I know you've all been anxiously waiting for...a sequel! May I present to you; The Non-Thespian's Guide to Dating a Theatre Person.

A new school year has begun, or will soon for many. A new year full of new possibilities, and new relationships. Whether it's reuniting with your BFA bae, or landing a Zoom date with a Techie cutie, you may be wondering; if I'm not a "theatre person", how do I date one? Well, let me give you some Do's and don'ts.

1) Do know that show tunes are an occupational hazard

Don't fight it, accept your fate. Give in to the call of Marvin Hamlish. Because, what will your relationship be if you don't?

2) Don't Patronize us

This should be a hard and fast rule for any relationship, but especially with theatre people. If your significant other made fun of, belittled, and or trivialized the things that you were passionate about, how would you feel? Not very good, I imagine. This isn't to say that you can't tease them and be cute about your significant other being a theatre dork, just make sure that they're cool with it and that it's coming from a place of affection.

3) Do have theatre-themed dates, like watching a movie musical together

Showing how much you care about their interests? Going the extra mile to plan something that they would enjoy, even if you don't? Holy moly, this is such a sweet and easy date. Plus; all those golden age classic mushy-gushy movie musicals? Super duper romantic (cough cough, nudge nudge, wink wink).

4) Don't assume that we'll judge how you sing

I know that it can be intimidating to sing in front of, or *gasp* with someone trained in singing. We do it every time we have a studio class. However, we like to sing and everyone is their own worst critic. So please, don't be afraid to sing the other half of Lay All Your Love On Me with us when it comes on. We both know you want to.

5) Do hype them up!

Bring flowers to the stage door. Buy them throat coat and candy for tech week. Comment compliments on their singing posts on Instagram. To paraphrase Rachel Berry, they're like Tinkerbell. They need applause to live.

7) Don't be intimidated by our knowledge of theatre

If all you like is Hamilton and Rent, great! If the only show tune you know is Do-Re-Mi from elementary school music class, that's fine! Maybe listen to a Spotify Showtunes playlist or two if you feel like widening your range a bit.

6) Do learn the Lingo

Us theatre people have a distinct vocabulary. It's not that difficult to learn. I found this super basic primer to help you get you started:

In is down, down is front, out is up, up is back, off is out, on is in, and of course - right is left, and left is right. A drop shouldn't and a block and fall does neither. A prop doesn't and a cove has no water. Tripping is O.K. A running crew rarely gets anywhere. A purchase line will buy you nothing. A trap will not catch anything. A gridiron has nothing to do with football. A Strike is a lot of work. And a green room usually isn't.

Simple, no?

8) Don't be afraid of dating us if you don't like theatre...

...Because there's a musical all about that!

Joking aside, it's seriously ok if theatre isn't your thing. As long as you tolerate it enough to be with a theatre person, that's enough.

9) Do tell us about your interests!

Tell us about what you like to do. Us theatre people are passionate folks and want to hear what you're passionate about, too. If it's something we aren't super knowledgable about or into, we'll make an effort to try and learn, the same way you would do for us.

10) Do know that we are more than just a grown-up theatre kid

Yes, we may burst out into song like a cartoon character. Yes, we follow way too many Broadway stars in their 30's on Instagram (Jeremy Jordan is just so dreamy!), but don't think of us as old theatre-kids. We are mature, multi-faceted people with interests outside of theatre. If you're lucky enough to find yourself a theatre-person significant other, you have a passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and talented person in your life. Who may or may not know all of the lyrics to Dear Evan Hansen.

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