BWW Review: The GIRLS Break-up and Make-up

As episode nine begins, we learn Jessa has conquered her prize. Here it is, Jessa, and Ace, making love whilst talking dirty about fourth grade teachers and Tiffany (yes, the 1980s mall star).

After watching the two for a few moments longer than I wished I would have, we see the first encounter of Hannah and her father post-coming out. It's obvious the two are ignoring the elephant in the room. When things are finally mentioned, Hannah surprisingly treats the situation in a very mature manner, though her dad can't give her the credit she deserves. Hannah has been through this experience, being in a relationship and finding out her boyfriend was gay, yet her dad is not willing to understand her side of things. Getting in a fight over who is paying the check for breakfast only solidifies the belief to Tad even more than Hannah is simply a child who does not understand life.

Back at Saint Justine's, Hannah is given complete opposite advice than her father's. Getting in a fight with Cleo over not being a good enough friend, Hannah is told she needs to learn boundaries: she is not a kid, she is an adult. Rest in peace best friend-jular piercings!

It only took a matter of time for Elijah to call, "I told you so," about Tad Horvath. While Elijah begins to explain Tad's next steps, Hannah becomes even more upset. Hannah's worried for her father, and Elijah's worried about the poor selection of men Tad has to choose from.

Calling her mom, Hannah questions why she would want to stay with her dad in the first place. The roles have switched between Loreen and Hannah completely at this point: Loreen is vulgar, rambles, and refuses to take any suggestions, while Hannah must sit back, be patient and hope to bring sense into her mother's mind.

Ace and Jessa, two frivolous, wild and weird creatures, have become an item and are running the streets of New York (literally, running down the street with glee). Of course the street just happens to lead to Mimi Rose's apartment. What a perfect day to stop in and see Mimi and Adam, right? No weirdness in that!

Ace walks in overjoyed to see his old pad, raving to Jessa about the herb garden-purposely mentioning how he planted it when he used to live there! Wow, still not weird at all! In walks Mimi, someone we expect to extremely cool with the situation, seems . . . off. Let the awkward double date begin!

Shosh carries a cake of Ray's face, Ray mingles with some older residents and red, white, and blue decorations bring a patriotic glow to the whole event; yes, Ray's election night party has begun.

Marnie and Desi quickly arrive, though they decide to keep the big announcement a secret. Of course, that idea fails as soon as Marnie gets alone with Ray. All I'm thinking while Marnie tells Ray of her excitement is that she is engaged to the wrong guy, and should be with the one she is telling the exciting news to.

Some more exciting news occurs between Hannah and Tad, as Elijah brings the two together after what seems a gay shopping excursion occurred. Of course Elijah's instincts were correct, and Tad begins spilling details of his previous relationships to his daughter. Following her principal's advice, Hannah decides to set some boundaries.

Back at Mimi's apartment, the double-sausage date becomes just as awful as we all imagined it would be. Mimi Rose rages with jealousy, Ace flaunts Jessa around her face, and the whole thing ends with everyone breaking up with each other?! Jessa and Adam finally realize Mimi and Ace are crazy, leaving the two to figure things out on their own.

As the final polls are counted, the news becomes official: Ray won! But looking over at the newly engaged couple, has he really won much now that the girl of his dreams is off marrying someone else? Ray's acceptance speech is obviously directed to Marnie, and I couldn't stop "aww-ing" /hoping she would call off her engagement. But, sadly, the night just has to end with focusing the attention on Marnie, announcing her great news. From the looks of Ray and Hannah, we can only imagine how everyone else feels.

Will Adam talk to Hannah now that he realized Mimi is not the one for him? Are Hannah's parents going to act like nothing happened or take their daughters advice? Is the Mimi and Desi wedding going to be the basis of the season finale?!?! Comment below or tweet me @Sam Reichstein!

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