BWW Recap: The GIRLS are in town? No, Urine-town.

While only taking one class a week, the intensity of Hannah's Iowa Writing Workshop proves less than expected through a video chat with our sometimes-friend Jessa. Peeping out of the corner for just a split second before listing off his activities for the day, it is clear that Elijah has become the social butterfly of grad school while the true student, Hannah, sits back and watches free time pass her by. Sadly, this couldn't be any more predictable than what was expected. We learned to love Hannah for who she is because of the environment she was placed in, the middle of New York with three crazy best friends and an even crazier boyfriend. But can others learn to love the girl we all know and respect when she stands out immensely against everyone else? Of course, Jessa and Hannah's conversation ends with the same déjà vu of Marnie's: Adam. With the same distant, non-emotional responses as before, who knows which upcoming video chat will truly give us the details of Adam we all are longing to hear.

Flashing to a conversation between Marnie and Ray, we learn the relationship with Desi isn't just sex, or at least that's not how Marnie sees it. Then why is he still DATING Clementine? Is this karma for what they did to Shoshanna, or is Marnie just falling for another man at yet another wrong time? I'm going to have to agree with the latter. Finally, Ray knocks some sense into Marnie that frankly no other character could, proclaiming to her that, "anyone who would treat you this way is selfish." I couldn't help but let out a tiny squeal as Marnie then pounced on Ray but let's be real here, who wasn't happy? I'm team Ray over team Desi any day!

Moving on to Shoshanna, we see a girl who has finally transformed! Acing an interview made for her (trend fashions- yeah, pretty perfect for the girl who invented the donut bun), Shoshanna finding her older-self in boss form makes us excited... as well as a little scared that there our older versions of her out there. But of course, all good things must come to an end for our little Shosh, who ruins the whole ordeal herself by stating this was just a trial interview. A trial interview? What has NYU taught this girl??? Well, there goes her fifteen seconds of achievement...better luck next time?

As Marnie and Desi take their demo tape to a music label, their audience raves with awe at the musical duo. Immediately flooded with questions about their intimate relationship, Marnie's internal worries are pronounced loud and clear as Desi states they are not together. Can anyone really be shocked at the craze that soon follows? Demanding a cigarette and storming out into the city, Marnie's prevailing moment unfolds. Rooting for our girl who has finally learned to stick up for herself, Desi comparison of a normal relationship to a "culturally specific statement" make us hate him even more. It's obvious that all Marnie wants is to upgrade from mistress to girlfriend, but Desi clearly has fears about her age, her independence, and their undeniable chemistry.

Another couple emerges, only this time in friendly conversation after an AA meeting. Our first glimpse of post-Hannah Adam shows him very in control of himself, and surprisingly even friendly. Agreeing to accompany Jessa on whatever her sobriety birthday party consists of, a small conversation over some girl Adam has been seeing occurs for just a few seconds... but why are we just hearing this now? Shouldn't have Jessa said something to Hannah about when she specifically asked? Strike one, Jessa. Following her sketchy nature, Jessa's next move to squat and urinate in the middle of the street erupts in a ticket being ripped up in a cop's face (good one, Jessa!) landing both her and Adam being taken in handcuffs. (Strike two?)

Locking her bike after learning her lesson, Hannah arrives at the party feeling extremely uncomfortable and out of place. While Elijah takes snapshots of almost everyone in the room (learning how much better his selfie's would be if he just turned the camera around), Hannah's aggravation only grows when seeing the familiar faces of those from her program. A pep talk from Elijah leaves us feeling less than peppy, wondering if Hannah should even be continuing journalism in the first place. Feeling relieved after he stopped dancing, it's clear Hannah's thoughts are wondering if she would feel relief stopping her dreams as well.

At a final attempt to fit in with her fellow classmates, it's clear Hannah has hit rock bottom. Going around the room insulting everyone, yes EVERYONE in her workshop, Hannah's monologue ends in an awkward silence, with an even more awkward escape via sliding over the top of the couch. Quickly showing the end result of Adam and Jessa's bailout (thanks Ray!), the same vulnerable, selflessness reflected on Hannah's face now matches Jessa's words. Admitting to Adam that she needs him, it seems that the tables have turned. The girl who needed nobody now needs a shoulder to lean on, and the girl who needs everybody now has no one to turn to.

Will Jessa and Adam's newfound friendship be the final straw for Jessa and Hannah's? Can Hannah continue to write, or will the absence of distractions lead her to the realization that maybe she should be pursuing something else? Write your comments below or tweet at me at @SamReichstein!

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