BWW Review: Go Ahead, Ask the GIRLS Their Names

"Are we just doing good things to avoid personal suffering, or is there actually a thing of goodness?"

Hannah Horvath, standing in front of a chalkboard, discussing Oedipus Rex in a classroom full of students . . . is this real life?!

Yes, it is, and although she is only a substitute teacher for now, who knows what's in store for her future career in education. Finding joys in a teacher's lounge and being asked on a date by Fran (though his juice box reads Joe), everything seems relatively normal. Can Hannah be normal? Can Hannah go on a date with someone other than Adam? Did her and Adam even go on dates?

Choosing an outfit for the night, the epiphany has formed: Hannah and Adam broke up so her and Fran could get married. With Elijah acting as fashion guru, his ideas of style (and opinion on the whole Fran-love situation) go unheard to the determined Hannah, set on making the evening perfect.

Everything seems to be running smoothly. Some jokes are thrown around, drinks are finished, and to be honest Hannah pulled together quite an ensemble. We like Fran and Hannah, we could get used to Fran and Hannah: two St Augustine's teachers who stumbled upon each other in the teacher's lounge. Deciding to go to some lame art show Hannah suggests, the night has only begun.

Jessa, weird scenes of people in blue smocks, and the words ASK ME MY NAME surrounding the venue, interesting to say the least. But wait a second; is that who we think it is? Is this Mimi Rose's art show? Why would Hannah ever want to bring Fran to this show in the first place!

Enter Marnie and Desi, both extremely confused on Hannah's presence. Ah, we get it now, Hannah is here to show off her new boy-toy and awkwardly kiss Desi hello. Now this all makes sense.

Enter Adam, with anger, frustration, and confusion one should have when their ex comes to their new girlfriend's art exhibit; one that seems to be more of a weird telling of stories than art at all. Poor Fran, having to stand around as third wheel while Hannah defends their 'relationship', a.k.a. attempting to show Adam as the bad guy. I guess Hannah's marriage won't consist of a love story beginning over a juice box as Fran flees the scene, allowing the drama to unfold.

Honestly, I agree with Adam. Why IS Hannah here? Clearly she knew this was Mimi Rose's art show, all of her friends are there. Speaking of Mimi Rose, she seems un-phased by Hannah's arrival; surprisingly happy she came in the first place. And now she is introducing Hannah to her ex-boyfriend-who she is on very good terms with-Ace. This is the weirdest mix of couples and exes I have ever seen.

Splitting up into two taxis, Mimi and Hannah in one, Adam and Ace (who exclaimed, "Let's NYC-taxi it to the party, bro!") are in another. Within five minutes of Adam and Ace sharing a cab together, things get weird. Ace explains Mimi's simply putting on an act, he will always love her, and with a yellow toothbrush sticking out the side of his mouth proclaims he will end up getting her back one day. You do you, Ace.

Flashing to Mimi and Hannah's cab ride, things are weird as well. Mimi becomes very worried of Hannah's opinions about the art show. No worries Mimi, Hannah thinks the show, "was perfect. It was Beyoncé." Of course, Hannah has to find out not only is Mimi dating Adam and having a successful career as an artist, she plans on writing a book as well. Basically, Mimi is the better Hannah (or at least to Hannah anyway). Just when we all wanted the awkward agony of Hannah and too-close Mimi to stop, the cab hits an old lady, forcing the two to escape together in a Laundromat.

Mimi is weird. There is no denying that. She doesn't wear deodorant, places random poems in people's laundry, and begins questioning Hannah about her feelings, especially the ones relating to Adam. Do you resent me for dating Adam? Why are you mad at Adam? Do you still want Adam back we can talk about it? I don't know how much more I can take of this.

Adam and Ace have made it the party, where Jessa's true reasons for getting Adam and Mimi together in the first place becomes revealed. She wanted Mimi to find someone new so Ace would find someone new, preferably herself. But did the plan even work?

Adam has become a wager between Hannah and Mimi and things have gone from weird and awkward to something I can't find the word for. Mimi Rose Howard is crazy. Devising a plan to slowly let Adam go so Hannah can take him back, I'm unsure if this is an ultimate mind-trick or if she is completely serious. Hannah, not being able to handle anything anymore, finally tells Mimi the truth. She hates knowing things about her, she hates how she is making it in the arts and Hannah couldn't, and yeah, it doesn't quite help that she's also dating her ex-boyfriend. Things are getting real deep for two people sitting on crappy chairs inside a Laundromat, but turns out Mimi feels the same way. Both venting to each other and finding the (somewhat) good in one another, they decide alcohol and an after party is what both of them need.

Walking over to Adam, Hannah (for once) becomes the bigger person. She apologizes for showing up, and sincerely tells Adam she gets why he is with Mimi, she s a very likeable person. Knowing Ace is still in love with Mimi and Hannah is finally okay with Mimi, Adam's perception of the relationship has changed.

Will him and Mimi stay together, or does he now believe she is all an act? Will Hannah pursue becoming a teacher? Will it be weird for Hannah at school next week bumping into Fran? Comment below or tweet me @SamReichstein!

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