BWW Recap: The GIRLS Are Back In Town for Season Four

Opening with a congratulatory dinner for Hannah's soon-to-be Iowa send-off, the same uncomfortable vibes from her parents form around the table, though this time Hannah handles it with a newfound poise and control. Wondering if all it took was an acceptance letter to prove herself to the world, we can't help but feel happy seeing Hannah content and collected. Of course Adam just has to show up late, proving from his thirty-second scene that change is far from him. Still making Hannah's parents uncomfortable, still bitching about his recent career choice of acting, and still unable to show his true feelings about really anything dealing with Hannah's success.

Little Shosh has finally graduated NYU and can join the rest of the cast into the inevitable real world. With a glimpse into Shoshanna's family life, arguably who is the better (or worse) Mel Shapiro, it doesn't take for long for Shosh to lose patience with her parents and glimpse over the milestone of graduating all together. Later describing the horrific event of her parents sharing the same name as both "the worst thing that ever happened to me and the first thing that ever happened to me," it isn't far-fetched to assume Shoshanna is perhaps the most normal of her family tree, though that seems even scarier than either Mel Shapiro.

Marine's intimate seconds with Desi provide a recap of their relationship that seems to have only become more of a mess. Obviously Marnie has been pining for love ever since her shocking break-up with Charlie and unexpected affair with Booth Jonathan (not to mention her Elijah and Ray sex-capades), but with Desi still dating Clementine, we know it will only take a few more kitchen hook-ups before disaster strikes.

Jessa's quick confrontation with Beedie's daughter (OINTB's star Natasha Lyonne), reminds all of the almost fatal decision of Beedie's death. Aware that the stomach pumping was no accident, a final moment before Beedie heads off to Connecticut shows Jessa is a real person, and can create real attachments to people. Their heartfelt goodbye leaves us sad to see Beedie go, but hopeful that Jessa can open up to others like this as well.

Sending off Hannah's last boxes before her final hours in the city, we see a glimpse of just how sad Adam is to see Hannah leave. Hugs and praises of time spent together brings a wave of conflicting emotions to their roller-coaster relationship. Is Adam ready for a long distance relationship? Is Hannah ready to leave the boyfriend who "asks [her] for nothing, so she give him everything?" Unfortunately, or fortunately, this intimate moment is put on pause as the gang is reunited at Desi and Marnie's (or is it Marnie and Desi's?) jazz-brunch performance.

Filled with green and white balloons, Marnie's over-ecstatic mother, and annoying children, Hannah, Shosh, Marnie, and Jessa are all finally in the same room. With Elijah, Adam, and later Ray's appearance as well, we know this reunion is too good to not be ruined. Marnie's nerves are only heightened by her mother's suggestions of hair extensions and powder, though we see a new Marnie appear right before our eyes. With Clementine's surprising apology for her jealous and accusing rage, the same calm and collected emotions of Hannah are now bouncing on to her best friend. For half a second I even forgot Marnie and Desi were hooking up with how believable Marnie brushes the ordeal off. Though Marnie has over-stepped her boundaries completely, I can't help but feel that Clementine is the other woman in this relationship. Their conversation leaves Marnie off the hook, with assumptions that the musically bound affair will only continue.

As the performance begins, confrontation arises. Elijah's ex just so happens to sit right behind the bunch, gawking and cackling throughout the meal. Making matters only worse, Hannah and Jessa's low-key fight erupts into a full out dispute over Hannah's real motives for heading off to Iowa. Does Hannah have nowhere to grow but up, or is she just (according to Jessa) "pussy-ing out on the real world?" The two return to the table, less than thrilled, as the entrance of Ray brings the closure we all have been waiting for. Shockingly, we see a confident Shosh emerge. Hearing Ray's life is going "swimmingly," an apology for her crazed emotions brings a fully emerged adult Shoshanna into the world. Can this really be the same girl who once described herself as the "least virgin-y virgin ever?" Yes, yes it is! Just as Hannah needed a letter of acceptance, maybe all Shosh needed was a diploma of graduation to become the adult we all wanted her to be.

Opening her dedication song to Hannah with an empty promise of a potential rap, it is clear Marnie's downfall is only moments away from occurring. Filled with children's screams to stop singing and murmurs to "not quit her day job as the face of Eddie Bauer", only thirty-seconds of 'Onward and Inward' begins before Marnie flees the scene. Surprisingly, her knight that comes to rescue her from a city-street breakdown isn't dressed in shining armor, but a floral shirt and navy blazer. Elijah gives Marnie the advice she has needed to hear all along, to thicken her skin and not care about what others say if she really wants to share her songs with the world.

Though everyone else's loose ends seem to be tying up, we are left with the puzzling question of what will happen to Hannah and Adam, our favorite hate-to love, love-to-hate relationship. "Do you wanna go over the plan again?" Hannah asks, with Adam answering, "There is no plan." Seeming unsatisfied with this answer, their making love proves anything but romantic as a final goodbye. It isn't Adam that helps Hannah pack up her things, move them into her parents' car, and cry as she walks down the steps of her apartment, but Marnie. Though the two have had their ups and downs as roommates and ex-roommates, it is clear their relationship is and will be more than okay. We can't say the same for Adam though, who awakes to watch Hannah leave from his window, sadly watching from afar like a puppy wondering where his owners are going.

It is clear Hannah is scared, yet excited and ready to embark on this new journey in her life, but is Adam ready to go along for the ride as well? That is what we will have to wait for. Write in the comments or tweet me at @SamReichstein.

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