BWW Recap: The GIRLS and Their Reality Check

This week's episode, "Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz", allowed not just the girls to be showcased, but two vital characters in Hannah's life, Tad and Loreen.

Yes, we have already met them, for three seasons now, as Hannah's parents. They are supportive, they are annoying, and they are the only two adults who can put up with their daughter. However, episode eight gave us more insight on Tad and Loreen as a functioning couple, who turn out to be not so functioning after all. Leaving couples therapy, we learn Tad is gay . . . or at least he thinks he is? We also learn Hannah did not fall far from the tree, with Loreen's reactions mimicking her daughters uncannily. "This isn't not NOT about me!" Loreen, you are your daughter's mother.

Speaking of Hannah, it seems her days of teaching at Saint Justine's are numbered, announcing their teacher will be back on Monday. Hannah's found joy in being a substitute, even making new friends (yes, fourteen year old Maude Apatow, known as Cleo). Cleo and Hannah are gal pals, sharing a love for Shia Labeouf and exchanging guy problems.

Marnie and Desi, a couple I personally love-to-hate, of course get into another fight about their music (but really just their relationship). Walking up to Marnie with a box that will "change their lives"; Marnie soon discovers Desi spent their entire advance on $2000 worth of guitar pedals. Jessa and Shosh, having men troubles of their own as well, vent to each other about Scott and Ace. "You have to be young, fun, and flaky," Jessa advises on the art of seduction; obviously the three words all men are looking for in a woman.

Back to Hannah and Cleo, the two decide to get best friend piercings (however appropriate or inappropriate that actually is). Things get gory as Cleo screams, bleeds, and sheds tears all for a little gold ring to hang underneath her tongue. Literally covering my eyes for the next minute and half, I couldn't help but scream "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO A POOR LITTLE GIRL!" Naturally, Hannah backs out, using her decision to show that people can always change their minds.

Seeing Ray in his new role of a city council candidate (and Shosh as his campaign manager), the two of them seem to be getting along extremely well, considering they used to date. Shosh proudly gets signatures in support of Ray, and even opens up to him about her upcoming date. Ray opens up too, explaining how he must move on, but is still waiting for his heart to catch up to his brain. However, it isn't Shosh he's still hung up on: it's Marnie. Rule #1 in politics: don't make your campaign manager angry by telling her you are still in love with her best friend you slept with.

Hannah decides to apologize to Fran. Continuing her role of being the bigger person in the situation, I'm glad to see her continuing such a good streak. Boldly asking Fran for a chance at a second date, things don't go so well. "I think you're not the person you think you are," says Fran, angered while wearing an Old Man and the Sea t-shirt. Maybe next time Hannah shouldn't tell a guy she wants him to tame her.

The night is here, Shoshanna's date with Scott, and we are crossing our fingers it goes better than any interview she's had all season. Shosh kills it, acting normal, likeable, and extremely honest about her emotions towards being unemployed. Yes, things get very uncomfortable when she questions the future of his cock, however Scott remains (mostly) un-phased by this brief dirty talk (though I was VERY phased).

At Loreen's tenure party, we know in a matter of minutes things will explode. Introducing two interesting friends of Hannah's parents, Avi and Shanaz (Jackie Hoffman and Fred Melamed), a celebratory dinner occurs filled with stories of their daughters. As Tad begins to toast Loreen, his wife, his life partner, she interrupts him and leaves the table. Surprisingly, we soon learn Avi and Loreen had an affair last summer, and he is now confessing his love for her? Oh Loreen, first your husband tells you he's gay, and your ex-lover is madly in love with you, what a day.

Marnie. Alone. Drinking coffee and angrily texting. Enter Desi, full of apologies. Yeah, you were a pretty douche-y guy today demanding your guitar pedals meant more to you than anything in the world. But, alas, you deeply apologize, explaining that you never want to make another decision alone again. Oh no. Is this really happening? "I always swore I would never get married until my gay cousin could, but I can't wait anymore." Yep, its here . . . Desi and Marnie are engaged. Any takers on how long it will take for them to realize this is a HUGE MISTAKE?!

Back at home, Tad and Loreen finally begin to talk things out rationally. Again, Loreen proves her and Hannah are hysterically identical when it comes to any dramatic situation. It just so happens Hannah calls right in the middle of this, Loreen demanding Tad to tell Hannah the news. Classic Hannah begins rambling about her own life, unaware to stop for one moment to hear about anyone else, until the words are screamed into the receiver: "HANNAH, YOUR FATHER IS GAY!" Stunned, shocked, and silent, the episode leaves us at a cliffhanger.

How will Hannah respond to her parents' crumbled marriage? Will Desi and Marnie even get to marriage? What will Marnie's friends think of the proposal? Are Shosh and Scott going to be a thing? What about Mimi Rose and Adam? How are they going to answer all of our unanswered thoughts with just two episodes left?! Comment below, or tweet me @SamReichstein!

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