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Catherine Kustanczy Catherine an arts writer specializing in reviews and longform profile features. She has worked in Dublin, London, Toronto, and New York City, in a variety of freelance capacities for film, TV, radio, and digital news. She has interviewed a range of award­-winning cultural figures from the worlds of theatre, music, television, movies, and food, including Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, rock star Ian Astbury (The Cult), and social media maverick Andy Carvin. Find her tweeting regularly at @catekustanczy.



BWW Review: 'AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE' Gets Lost in Translation
September 27, 2014

Henrik Ibsen's 1882 play An Enemy of the People is a powerful examination of the difficult and disturbing relationship between truth and power. It examines what happens to a scientist, Dr. Stockmann, and his family when he exposes ugly truths about health concerns related to the economically-vital baths in his town, and the social, political, and familial ramifications involved in his decision to stand by his work.

BWW Review: 'A TENDER THING' Fizzles and Frustrates
August 20, 2014

Ben Power's 2009 play A Tender Thing is a creative re-imagining of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with the two title characters as older figures in a lifelong relationship. Soulpepper Theatre Company's current production (on at the Young Centre through October 1st) features real-life couple Joseph Ziegler and Nancy Palk as the two star-crossed lovers. Though their performances are filled with warmth and knowing, they can't escape an essentially dreary production that pulls away the beauty of Shakespeare's language, even as it revels in some over-theatricalized decisions that mute the genuine emotion sitting at the heart of a less-than-perfect work.

BWW Reviews: 'TARTUFFE' Sparkles With Comedy And Drama
August 15, 2014

Underneath the riotous comedy of Moliere's 1664 play Tartuffe is a tough family drama examining ideas of trust, power, and hypocrisy. Soulpepper Theatre Company's new production (on now through September 20th at the Young Centre) underlines these themes while providing plenty of laughs and a smart, contemporary take on a classic work.

BWW Reviews: A Split Decision for Soulpepper's TWELVE ANGRY MEN
June 18, 2014

The celebrated 1957 film 12 Angry Men is a drama that began its life on television as part of a CBS series, Studio One, where it premiered in 1954. The work, penned by ex-serviceman Reginald Rose and inspired by his direct experience as a juror, went on to win an Emmy, and in its later form, an Academy Award nomination. It tells the story of twelve jurors who debate the fate of a sixteen year-old Latino boy on trial for murdering his father. The work starts out with one Not-Guilty vote, and explores the various prejudices of each juror (none of whom are given names) while simutaneously examining the nature of justice on both epic and intimate levels.

BWW Reviews: 'Stones in Her Mouth' Is Powerful, Provocative Theater
June 14, 2014

Stones in Her Mouth is a powerful theatrical experience that examines and explores women's lives. Brought to life by an ensemble of ten Maori women, the production, recently part of Toronto's annual Luminato Festival, has been feted worldwide since its premiere in 2013. As its choreographer Lemi Ponifasio explains, it's part of a larger attempt to create a 'cosmological' space within live performance.

BWW Reviews: 'Cinderella' Dazzles With Beauty
June 5, 2014

The National Ballet's popular production features dazzling sets, eye-popping costumes, and wondrous choreography.

BWW Reviews: 'Physical Thinking' Soars And Inspires
May 29, 2014

The National Ballet of Canada opens its summer season with a mixed programme of twentieth century works.

BWW Reviews: 'Of Human Bondage' Explores Love and Obsession
April 25, 2014

William Somerset Maugham's monumental novel 'Of Human Bondage' has never had a stage translation —until now. Adapted by award-winning playwright Vern Thiessen, and produced by Soulpepper Theatre Company, 'Of Human Bondage' is currently on at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts through May 17th.

Allan Hawco Returns To Theatre: The 'Republic of Doyle' Star Says He's 'Having a Blast' Being Back On Stage
April 11, 2014

Allan Hawco has been putting in long days in the lead-up to his onstage appearance in Belleville, a play about a dysfunctional couple, on now through May 4 at Toronto's Berkeley Street Theatre.

Art, Dance, Music, Theatre: Luminato 2014 Has It All
April 9, 2014

Program details for the Toronto-based Luminato festival, now in its eighth year, were unveiled Tuesday morning in a packed room at the modern MaRS Discovery Centre. Heralded by a Brazilian drum corps, Luminato's moustachioed Artistic Director Jorn Weisbrodt made his entrance, shyly smiling and shaking hands as he made his way up the aisle, before introducing a comprehensive look at this year's festival.

BWW Reviews: THE GIGLI CONCERT Makes Sweet Music in Toronto
April 7, 2014

'The singer is the voice of the subconscious self.' So utters the main character in Tom Murphy's famous play, The Gigli Concert, now on at Toronto's Young Centre for the Performing Arts through May 14th. Produced by Soulpepper Theatre Company, the line is key to understanding this epic yet intimate play. Though occasionally challenging, Nancy Palk's production is an ultimately rewarding evening of theater for what it reveals of the human capacities for healing and connection.

BWW Reviews: The Norman Conquests Wins Hearts And Minds
February 21, 2014

Sir Alan Ayckbourn's The Norman Conquests is a three-part play cycle that takes place over the course of one weekend. The trilogy paints a deeply insightful portrait of six individuals bound by love, hate, trust, need, and fear. Toronto's Soulpepper Theatre Company is currently remounting their 2013 production, with hilarious, heartfelt results.

Soulpepper's Salon Series Soars With Music And Thoughtful Themes
February 14, 2014

Toronto repertory theater company Soulpepper kicked off its inaugural Salon Series lastnight with an exploration of the music from pre and post-war Germany and its influence on the Great White Way.

BWW Reviews: Soulpepper Enchants With Idiot's Delight
February 12, 2014

Mixing love and politics is always a dicey business, even - or especially - on the stage. There's a challenge in portraying both with the kind of depth and authenticity they both deserve. World War One veteran and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Robert Sherwood managed the mix beautifully in his award-winning work 'Idiot's Delight.'

BWW Previews: CANADIAN OPERA COMPANY Ensemble Members Rock Mozart
February 6, 2014

The Canadian Opera Company's Ensemble Studio was created in 1980 as a vehicle for training Canada's next generation of opera stars. Its current members will take to the stage of the Four Seasons Centre on February 7th, replacing regular cast members in Atom Egoyan's production of the Mozart opera Cosi fan tutte for one night only. Two current members of the Ensemble say to expect something very different and special.

BWW Reviews: A MASKED BALL Dazzles With Spectacular Singing
February 4, 2014

The Canadian Opera Company's latest production, of Verdi's 'A Masked Ball', combines challenging modern elements with gorgeous musicality, resulting in a unique look at power and love.