"Broadway Bill" Schmalfeldt

"Broadway Bill" Schmalfeldt is the program director of XM Satellite Radio's On Broadway channel. A native of Clinton, Iowa, Bill began his broadcasting career in 1977. Since then, his career has taken him three-quarters of the way around the world, including a tour as a Navy broadcaster in Yokosuka, Japan and aboard the USS Midway.

Before coming to XM Satellite Radio, "The Jovial Impresario" was program director and morning talk show host at WGUF, Naples, FL. When not employed as a broadcaster, Bill also worked as a newspaper columnist and editor and as a long-haul truck driver. His hobbies include acting and singing in local theater venues. Visit <a href="http://onbroadway.xmradio.com">onbroadway.xmradio.com</a> for more info.



What IS Broadway Radio?
August 24, 2003

How you can help fine-tune America's Original Nationwide Satellite Radio Channel of Show Tunes...

Random Thoughts
August 13, 2003

Is anyone reading this?

The Season Ahead
July 31, 2003

Some fun stuff looms on the horizon. But... so does Boy George!

From the Desk of the Jovial Impresario
July 7, 2003

Enough summer, already!

When was the last
June 23, 2003

Like fine wines, there are some years in Broadway history where one finds a better vintage than others. Just today, for instance, I was playing a selection of tunes from shows that opened in 1966...

A Kiss is Still a Kiss
June 10, 2003

It was a kiss! And it made national news!

The 2003 Tony Awards - Who Wins and Why!
June 2, 2003

Keep reading, and you could win a PRIZE!!!

Hard Core Love (and Other Sundry Musings)
May 27, 2003

See the new picture in Broadway Bill's photo album!

Wishing She Were Somehow Here Again
May 22, 2003

In which we wonder WHY Sarah Brightman wishes to ignore her past....The former Mrs. Andrew Lloyd Webber is going to be a guest on one of our 100 channels here at XM Satellite Radio. She will be in the building at the same time as my daily live show.

May 23, 2003

In which we 'fix' what's wrong with the Tony Awards and whine about the lack of a radio area in the press room thereof. OK, so nobody asked me. Like that's ever stopped me from expressing an opinion. But you know it and I know it. The Tony Awards are not the most compelling TV show on the early summer schedule.