Andrew White

Andrew White Choricius is the nom-du-web of a theater artist who has been involved in the Washington, D.C. scene in various capacities -- as actor, playwright, director, dramaturg -- for a number of years. Credits include Source, Woolly Mammoth and Le Neon Theatre. As a cultural historian and veteran of the Fulbright Program, he has devoted years of research to the performing arts of the Later Roman Empire (aka-Byzantium). In this bookish role he has translated, performed and published a variety of works from Medieval Greek. He holds a Ph.D. in Theater History, Theory and Criticism, and will soon be publishing his first full-length study on theater and ritual in Byzantium through a major university press in the UK. A Professor of Humanities, he currently teaches World Literature and World History in the greater Washington, D.C. area.



BWW Review:  Flying V Theatre's Revue of songs by JONATHAN COULTON a Sheer DelightBWW Review: Flying V Theatre's Revue of songs by JONATHAN COULTON a Sheer Delight
Posted: Feb. 6, 2018

BWW Review:  Forum Theatre's NAT TURNER IN JERUSALEM an Unforgettable, Luminous ProductionBWW Review: Forum Theatre's NAT TURNER IN JERUSALEM an Unforgettable, Luminous Production
Posted: Mar. 21, 2018

BWW Review:  Roundhouse Theatre's GEM OF THE OCEAN a Brilliant, Living Homage to August WilsonBWW Review: Roundhouse Theatre's GEM OF THE OCEAN a Brilliant, Living Homage to August Wilson
Posted: Dec. 5, 2018

BWW Review:  Flying V's SHEILA AND MOBY Refuses to Grow Up--And it's Good News!BWW Review: Flying V's SHEILA AND MOBY Refuses to Grow Up--And it's Good News!
Posted: Nov. 4, 2018

BWW Review:  Havana's Teatro El Publico Takes a Fassbinder Homage, THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT, and FascinatesBWW Review: Havana's Teatro El Publico Takes a Fassbinder Homage, THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT, and Fascinates
Posted: May. 18, 2018

BWW Review: Vibrant,Joyous BLACK NATIVITY at Theater Alliance
December 7, 2015

Featuring a host of home-grown talent from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Howard University, Black Nativity drinks deeply of the Christmas season's true spirit, the sorrow as well as the joy, and can fill your heart in ways that few holiday offerings can. This isn't just a feel-good show, this is also a show for those who feel the pain of loss keenly this time of year, and it offers a balm for what ails us.

BWW Review: Joffrey's Magical, Classic THE NUTCRACKER A Treat for Young and Old
November 30, 2015

The Kennedy Center has opened its holiday season with the Joffrey Ballet's brilliant, fascinating production of 'The Nutcracker.' With a stellar company, stunning set and lights, not to mention choreography to please mature and young audiences alike, it is a truly joyful event.

BWW Review: Engrossing, Disturbing WINNERS AND LOSERS at Woolly Mammoth
November 9, 2015

When the lights come down, we're treated at first to the sort of amiable, snarky chit-chat one associates with Comedy Channel. The two performers, James Long and Marcus Youssef, skim the surface of American culture and even ask the audience for suggestions. But after luring us with the sort of 'Canadian Nice' that we expect from our neighbors up north, the pair's conversation lurches into darker territory; and then it goes into overdrive.

BWW Reviews: Taut, Dark Ireland in Keegan's THE MAGIC TREE
October 21, 2015

Sarma, an Irish-Indian playwright, gives us a glimpse of the despair of a Celtic Tiger weighed down by debt and economic depression. A country that once had so much optimism is still struggling to get back on its feet, after the financial crisis wiped out many of the gains ithad made. Sarma writes with sympathy but also with remove; none of the people in her universe are completely innocent, nor completely evil either. Their humanity is contrasted with the trap that society has set for them, with almost inevitable results.

BWW Reviews: Heart-warming 'MAYTAG VIRGIN' at Quotidian Theatre
October 6, 2015

Romance must be in the airmaybe it's the invigorating chill of fall weather and the crunch of leaves underfoot, but whatever the reason it's time for Quotidean to offer a heart-warmer of a play as its season opener. Quotidean's offering, as part of the Women's Voices Theater Festival, is a premiere of Audrey Cefaly's two-hander, Maytag Virgin. This tried-and-true plot of opposites attract is brought vividly two life by two stellar performers, and Cefaly's sturdy direction.

BWW Review: Wit and Verve in Spanish Classic, FRIENDSHIP BETRAYED
September 22, 2015

For a perfect evening's entertainment, let's begin with a big city and a cozy circle of single girls on the lookout for the Man of Their Dreams-or a reasonable, one-night facsimile. Stir in the plot elements of true love thwarted, women stealing men behind each other's backs; sprinkle liberally with sweet revenge on the worst frenemy ever, and you've got the recipe for a great romantic comedy.

BWW Reviews: Satiric, Sardonic SEDARIS at Wolf Trap
August 5, 2015

Today, Sedaris' work isn't just published in the New Yorker, not just in book form, he is now in huge demand as a reader. Who could have imagined that a snarky, off-beat short story writer could generate such a huge following? And with such a sarcastic, nasal baritone? And yet here he stood at Wolf Trap Farm Park's main stage the other night, surrounded by adoring fans, his old-tech file folder and sheafs of paper in hand. We loved it.

BWW Reviews: TWELVE ANGRY MEN a Spirited Send-off for American Century Theater
July 27, 2015

The American Century Theater's tenure as the DC area's advocate for neglected 20th century American drama comes to a close with a revival of one of their signature productions, the authorized stage version of Reginald Rose's classic Twelve Angry Men. Jack Marshall, TACT's Artistic Director directs a solid cast in this legal drama, which plays out in taut, edge-of-your seat real time.

BWW Reviews: Family Fun With the Native Pride Dancers
July 6, 2015

Wolf Trap recently hosted the innovative Native Pride Dancers for a demonstration of Native American dance, a fascinating hour featuring young, dedicated performers. There is enough variety and information to ensure that the young people in attendance would learn a tremendous amount about the cultures populated North America long before Europeans arrived-and get on-stage to join in the dance themselves!

BWW Reviews: FLYING V FIGHTS: HEROES & MONSTERS - A Spirited Start to the Summer Season
June 17, 2015

'Flying V Fights: Heroes & Monsters' marks a return to truly exciting form, performed by this year's Aniello Award-winning emerging theatre, a thrilling evening devoted to stage combat. If you are a big fan of action on the screen, on your hand-held, wherever, this is just the dream spectacle you need to get your summer off to a roaring start.

BWW Reviews: A Mesmerizing, Memorable TRAP At Ambassador Theater
June 8, 2015

Ambassador Theater, with their production of Polish poet Tadeusz Rzewicz's masterpiece The Trap, introduces Washington audiences to a theatrical genius of Samuel Beckett's stature. The Trap traces key elements in Franz Kafka's life, and Rzewicz's masterstroke is to weave the much darker future-the rise of Nazism, the death of Kafka's sisters' in the Holocaust, and the long Soviet occupation-with the troubled 'present' of Kafka's time.

BWW Reviews: A Surreal JARRY INSIDE OUT at Spooky Action Theater
June 2, 2015

For over one hundred years Alfred Jarry has set the gold standard for profanity, riotous provocation and just plain weirdness. Putting on a play about him is daunting but Richard Heinrich of Spooky Action Theater has taken on this heady task. 'Jarry Inside Out' offers us an evening that is likely to leave some exhilarated, others exhausted, but everyone intrigued.

BWW Reviews: With 'Dream Logic,' Aura Curiatlas Offers Mature, Amusing Dance Theatre
May 13, 2015

Aura Curiatlas, and its current program 'Dream Logic' is dedicated to the idea that with a simple stage, simpler costumes and a sound cue or two, you can create magic. Their evening of 10 dance vignettes is fascinating exploration of dance, physics, romance, with a healthy dose of cheap slapstick. The daring physicality and creativity of the company is a reminder for those techno-geeks out there that the stage, still, truly belongs to the performing artist.

BWW Reviews: A Thrilling, First Quarto 'Hamlet' With Taffety Punk
May 11, 2015

Under the direction of Joel David Santner (who will shortly be moving to California for film school, a great loss to the DC area) the company has proven yet again that when viewed with fresh eyes, the early First Quarto version of 'Hamlet' is a limitless source of inspiration for artists and audiences alike. Although the company pulls its aesthetic punches by inviting a few guys to join the cast (including Marcus Kyd in the title role), the performance is of a dependable, high quality that makes this a rare, intimate view of the Bard's work.

BWW Reviews: A Fun, Light Evening out with Washington Stage Guild's ON APPROVAL
May 5, 2015

Well, well, well - Lady Mary, meet Frederick Lonsdale, whose classic comedy of marriage and manners, 'On Approval,' is receiving a spirited revival at the Washington Stage Guild. It seems that the Roaring 20's was indeed a time for women to take a more active role in the selection of their mates ...

BWW Reviews: THE FIRE AND THE RAIN Blossoms at Constellation Theatre
April 29, 2015

Indian playwright Girish Karnad's play 'The Fire and the Rain' is now receiving a spectacular North American premiere at Constellation Theatre. In the grand tradition of Greek tragedy, Karnad has taken a chapter from the Mahabharata's long saga and given it his own personal stamp. And as directed by Allison Arkell Stockman you are guaranteed a fascinating spectacle that, although complex, can be truly rewarding.

BWW Reviews: Cervantes Lives! In Teatro de la Abadia's ENTREMESES
March 20, 2015

Teatre de La Abadia 's company has developed a priceless ensemble, steeped in Commedia but with their own unique house style. They fill the theatre, literally, with life and sound, and the addition of musicians and sound-effects men to enhance the action makes their work truly enjoyable.

BWW Reviews: Max Major's THINK AGAIN a Magical Tour-de-Force
March 17, 2015

Walking into a Max Major show when you know nothing about him is like stumbling into the city's hottest party hours after it started-but feeling like the host was waiting just for you. Although ostensibly an evening of magic and mind-reading, the most fun part of a Max Major event is the way he draws everyone in and makes them feel like they're a part of the show. As he tells audiences with his new show, Think Again, it's not about magic, it's about potential-the audience's potential as well as his own.

BWW Reviews: CONTOS EM VIAGEM a Mesmerizing Start to the Iberian Festival at the Kennedy Center
March 9, 2015

Set in the 10-island archipelago of Cape Verde, Contos em Viagem is a tapestry of stories woven from a broad range of writers native to this former Portugese colony. The stories chosen here, and performed passionately by Carla Galvo, are taken from the lives of women in the islands, among them kids recalling the creepiness of a death in the family and, most memorably for me, a teenage girl begging her mother to go to a dance, with predictable results. The performance style here is part theatre, and part storytelling, live music and a touch of ritual thrown in.

BWW Reviews: Flying V's THE PIRATE LAUREATE Sails Again in Truly Hilarious Form
February 16, 2015

Flying V, a young company that has earned a devoted following with their whimsical originality, returns triumphantly with another episode in their 'Pirate Laureate' series. Our story is set once again in the fictional realm of Ephrata, where poetry kicks tail, the pen is mightier than the sword and the hottest duels feature poets at ten paces, scribbling furiously or improvising on the spot.