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VIDEO: Watch New Music Video for Remixed 'I Am What I Am' featuring J. Harrison Ghee!

The music video features Broadway veterans Grey Henson, Ezra Menas, Jacqueline B. Arnold, Anastacia McCleskey, DeMarius Copes, and more!

Pride is here and so is a new spin on a classic that's taking the gay anthem to the next level. Watch below to check out an amazing dance version of "I Am What I Am" featuring J. Harrison Ghee and directed/produced by Jimmy Larkin.

The just-released video includes appearances by Grey Henson, Ezra Menas, Gaby Gamache, Jacqueline B. Arnold, Anastacia McCleskey, Jackie Cox, DeMarius Copes, Nick Silverio, Jarred Manista, Samy Figaredo, Victor Borbolla, Javier Perez, Marti Cummings, Ianne Fields Stewart, Davon Williams, Desmond Is Amazing and Paloma the Cairn.

"For years, queer performers have been asked to hide the most beautiful parts of themselves the minute they step onstage. 'I Am What I Am' was created to give these artists an opportunity to express themselves authentically and to step into a pair of shoes that the industry, or even the world at large, has told them they shouldn't be in," said video creators. "Stories of love are not defined by what gender the lovers are; so why not reimagine the classics without the constraints of gender and sexual orientation? We hope this video can help to inspire change. It's time to start highlighting and celebrating the joys of being queer in the arts, not just the struggles."

The song features music production by Devin Lewis, choreography by James Alonzo White, video production by Halleloo Creative.

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