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Urbano Project Presents Chanel Thervil's ENIGMA: REACTIONS TO RACISM

Urbano Project Presents Chanel Thervil's ENIGMA: REACTIONS TO RACISM

ENIGMA: Reactions to Racism, a mixed media exhibition by Urbano Project's spring 2019 Artist-in-Residence Chanel Thervil, will be on view February 5 - May 3, with an opening celebration Thursday, February 21, 6-8PM.

At the core of resilience is endurance; the ability to push forward despite pain. Since the beginning of America's history, people of color have been expected to endure. Between the whispers of the civil rights movement and the glaring social justice issues revisited in the post-Obama era, there has been a societal obsession with having conversations about racism. While the actions that arise from these conversations have been hard to track and measure, they persist. One of the nuances of these conversations is the recurring focus on white intentions, pain, and confusion over their impact on people of color holding the same space. Racism can be equally awkward, perplexing, and ironic for all parties involved. Unveiling these experiences from the perspective of black millennials in Boston, ENIGMA will feature mixed media installations of portraits, abstract works, and interviews. Thervil's exhibition is part of Urbano's curatorial series exploring the theme of Resilience and Sustainability.

While her exhibition is on view, Thervil will lead a Youth Artist Project called The Promise of Tomorrow, asking students to wrestle with the question: If art is the conscience of society, then what do artists need to survive? Survival requires resilience, but there is no clear roadmap for artists to follow. Between the pressures of caring for your family, trying to pass your classes, and wondering who's lurking on your Instagram, it can be hard to focus on your creativity. During this course, artists will channel the humanity in their experiences to support their ability to create 2D and 3D works of art. Key topics explored include history, self-care, and innovation. The final project will be a mixed media installation that embodies the Youth Artists' vision of what they need to make the future better for the communities they are a part of now and hope to build tomorrow.

Youth Artists Projects are in-depth long-term artistic explorations of Urbano's annual theme through the lens and mentorship of the Artist-in-Residence, resulting in one or more exhibitions/projects that are presented at Urbano and other public sites.

A reception of works created during The Promise of Tomorrow residency will take place May 2.

Urbano is open 1-6PM Tuesday-Friday and by appointment. Visit for more information.

Image: Liminal, 2018, wood, ink, acrylic, paper, denim, 41 in. x 42 in. Courtesy of the artist.

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