Twitter Watch: Anna Kendrick Live Tweets SOUND OF MUSIC- "Yes girl, bust out that belt again!"

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Anna Kendrick was live tweeting through last night's THE SOUND OF MUSIC special, and had this to say @AnnaKendrick47

Carrie Underwood and Audra McDonald look like they're about to have a knife fight #PreFightCircling

Getting a real rapey vibe from this Rolf #SoundOfMusic #NotComplaining

Yes girl, bust out that belt again! @carrieunderwood #SoundOfMusic

Nazi talk is a real party foul as it turns out #SoundOfMusic

So Kurt is the strongest soprano so far? #GoodBYEEEEEEEE #SoundOfMusic

Audra's about to take us to church. Brb. #SoundOfMusic

Both my goosebumps and my "sing it bitch" hand might never go down. @AudraEqualityMc #SoundOfMusic

Loving the makeover Maria! (You tart) #SoundofMusic

This "What's The Big Deal About Nazis?" song is my jam. (May not be actual title) #SoundofMusic

"How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria" is her wedding march? The nuns are throwing so much shade. #JealousyWillGetYouNowhere #SoundofMusic

But doing it with FLAWLESS tone #SoundofMusic #Nuns

Maria is really the Brad Pitt of this relationship #SoooManyChildren #SoundofMusic

Quick Change! #BeerWenchRolePlay #SoundofMusic

I'm glad Carrie wore her sensible pumps for the hike to Switzerland. #Phew #SoundofMusic #WeOut

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