The Theatre Podcast With Alan Seales Welcomes AIN'T TOO PROUD Star Jawan Jackson

The Theatre Podcast With Alan Seales Welcomes AIN'T TOO PROUD Star Jawan Jackson

You can take the man out of Detroit, but you can't take the Detroit out of the man.

This Detroit native had no idea that one day he would get to play one of the most influential people of his lifetime not once, but twice! Currently starring as Melvin Franklin, one of the original Temptations, his incredibly sexy and powerful bass voice tingles everyone's eardrums 8 times a week in Broadway's Ain't Too Proud.

Originally thinking he would be a dolphin trainer after college, he quickly changed his mind after being given the chance to swim with sharks in open water. His professional career began as a tenacious radio personality on Detroit's HOT 107.5, before following a friend's advice, taking his first headshot as a selfie in front of his bathtub's curtain, and then landing his Broadway debut in Motown the Musical.

In this episode, Jawan discusses:

  • How he longs for more basses in the Broadway industry
  • The reality check her faced after 2.5 years of a successful Broadway debut
  • Working in the call center for -- and getting in trouble for talking too much
  • That he didn't know he was initially auditioning for a Broadway show
  • The fact that he couldn't get an audition for Ain't Too Proud

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