STEP OFF: DANCING Dismisses a High-Scoring Celeb

STEP OFF: DANCING Dismisses a High-Scoring Celeb

As if "Country Week" wasn't bad enough, it also brought with it one appalling elimination.

ATTENTION READERS: a good number of you are going to be pretty upset. Tonight's shocker is only second to earlier this season when Bristol Palin wasn't sent home. So, uh, keep reading - or don't if you're prone to destroying your television and/or computer with a hammer.

Seriously, it was one shock after the next, beginning with the lowest scoring contestants, Kirstie Alley, Emmitt Smith, and Kelly Monaco, all being declared safe. Shawn Johnson and Gilles Marini were also said to be safe.

So…you know what that means: someone you actually WANT to see dance is about to get booted.

Also, Taylor Swift performed and it was whiney. And what's worse: she still can't believe everyone likes her even though every day everyone's like, "Taylor, we love you! We love you. Seriously. We buy every one of your albums even though they all sound the same and you might be mentally/emotionally stuck in your freshman year of high school. Can I have a lock of your hair?"

The injured Melissa Rycroft was then saved - leaving Apolo Anton Ohno and Sabrina Bryan, the two pairs who managed to nail the almighty 30s, the perfect scores, up for elimination.

Because DANCING WITH THE STARS and its audiences somehow always manage to miscommunicate on who actually deserves to stay - based on dancing merit rather than say, nothing - Sabrina Bryan got the axe. Back to The Cheetah Girls.

In addition, a little DANCING housecleaning for next week:
- The seven contestants and their partners will continue on to Fusion Dance Week, with routines chosen by the couples for each other (ala a few weeks ago.)
- Shawn Johnson will dance will Mark Ballas next week; Derek Hough, Johnson's usual partner, is injured following Monday's performance
- Unfortunately, there will be a swing dance marathon.
- No one on DANCING will be eliminated next weekend - because either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama will be.

That's it, folks! Hope you're not not too peeved with the results - if you are, well, then stop watching DANCING WITH THE STARS. And maybe ABC will yank it for good.

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