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STAGE TUBE: Tim Minchin Challenges Alternative Medicine with New Animated Film- STORM

Comedian and MATILDA composer and lyricist Tim Minchin has given the best critique of alternative medicine ever. How did he do this? Through a hilarious, thought-provoking, animated video.

The movie begins with an introduction of two couples about to enjoy an evening out to dinner to relax after a day of work. All is well until a mysterious woman, named "Storm" joins the table and begins to bring up the subject of alternative ideas, medicine, beliefs; you name it. The main character, a scientist, remains cool and collected and has comebacks and answers to all of "Storm's" theories. And then he reaches his breaking point, saying "Life is full of mysteries, yeah, but there are answers out there."

See how Minchin takes a controversial theory, and adds in animation and comedy to bring us this great critique below!

Minchin has won worldwide acclaim as a leading composer, lyricist, comedian, actor and writer with four live comedy albums, five DVDs and numerous UK, US and Australian TV and radio credits. His smash-hit musical MATILDA won a record seven Olivier Awards and five Tony Awards.

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