Regional Roundup: Top 10 Stories This Week Around the Broadway World - 9/25; The Engeman's WEST SIDE STORY, BEAUTIFUL Tour, DTC's MOONSHINE and More!

This week, we go around our Broadway World to feature stories in Long Island, Rhode Island, Dallas and more. Check out our top 10 stories around our Broadway World below, which include The Engeman's WEST SIDE STORY, the kick off of BEAUTIFUL: A CAROLE KING MUSICAL Tour in Rhode Island, and MOONSHINE in Dallas, just to name a few.



1. Long Island, NY: Editor Melissa Giordano reviews The Engeman's WEST SIDE STORY. She says, "The Broadway caliber cast is absolutely divine under the fantastic direction of Igor Goldin. Zach Trimmer wonderfully portrays Tony and Long Island native Samantha Williams is stunning as Maria. They're a magnificent team and superbly sing the classic Leonard Bernstein (music)/Stephen Sondheim (lyrics) score. A heartbreaking number is their rendition of "Somewhere". Read more here.

2. Rhode Island: Editor Veronica Bruscini reviews the National Tour of BEAUTIFUL: A CAROLE KING MUSICAL, which kicked off in Providence. She says, "Clearly, it's a part the sisters were born to play, because Mueller more than meets any challenges in her fantastic, whole-hearted performance as Carole King. Her rich, golden singing calls to mind King's own distinct sound, while her skills as an actress bring authenticity to each scene and interaction. Mueller convincingly matures King through the years, from bubbly, enthusiastic student to teenage wife and mother to grown woman embracing her own voice and independence." Read her full review here.


2. Chicago, IL: Editor Misha Davenport reviews the Chicago premiere of TRIASSIC PARQ at Circle Theatre. She says, "Perhaps the most heart-wrenching moment comes from Neala Barron. Her character, once a she and now a he, pleads with his former best friend T-Rex 1 to still "love me as a friend" despite his additional appendage. It's a great, emotional duet and both Barron and Daly tear into the emotional meat of it" Read more here.

3. Milwaukee, WI: Editor Peggy Sue Dunigan reviews NUNSENSE at Peninsula Players Theatre. She says, "To begin the PPT evening, the sisters wander through the audience asking questions while offering their blessings. Liz Pazik commands this dazzling cast as Reverend Mother, Sister Regina, which includes her own solos "Turn Up the Spotlight" and "An Unexpected Discovery." In a delightful duet with Sister Hubert's Cassie Slater, the two sing of convent cameraderie." Read more here.



4. Dallas, TX: Editor Kyle West reviews MOONSHINE at Dallas Theatre Center. He says, "The show is packed with impeccable performances, but Rose Hemingway's performance as Misty Mae is star-making. Hemingway, who recently starred opposite Daniel Radcliffe (and later Darren Criss, followed by Nick Jonas) in Broadway's HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING, has the beautiful girl-next-door looks, a stunning voice, and some kick-ass comedic chops to boot. Her role demands the skill to make the audience laugh, cry...and then laugh until you cry - and Hemingway works every moment with utter perfection. Even when she is simply reacting to her scene partners, her subtext displays as much power as the strongest notes from her best ballads." Read his full review here. Want to read what other critics had to say? Check out our full Review Roundup here. We also have a first look at the production shots here.

5. Charlotte, NC: Editor Perry Tannebaum reviews Theatre Charlotte's LA CAGE AUX FOLLES. He says, "For anyone who has watched Steve Bryan over the years - in local musicals that include Jesus Christ Superstar, The Producers, Annie, Cinderella, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Bye Bye Birdie, Beauty and the Beast, Cabaret, Chicago, and Ruthless - little more needs to be said about the excellence of Theatre Charlotte's current production of LA CAGE AUX FOLLES besides confirming that he's playing one of the leads. Nobody in a homegrown musical has come close to matching the hilarity of Bryan's cross-dressing exploits since 1995, when he portrayed the mysterious Sylvia St. Croix, talent agent for the fiercely talented, in Ruthless. After his bravura in LA CAGE as Albin and his cabaret alter ego, Zaza, it's fairly safe to say that Bryan's supremacy has been renewed for another 20 years." Read more here.


6. Arizona: Editor Herbert Paine reviews HEAVEN CAN WAIT at Hale Centre Theatre. He says, "Here then is the canvas on which a series of comic hooks, jabs, and uppercuts is delivered with great fun and energy. Mr. Hunt serves up a highly likable Joe, prancing, skipping, jabbing and sounding authentically Joisy! Mr. Kleinman carries the heavenly registrar with proper poise and bureaucratic panache, periodically uttering worldly words of wisdom about the meaning of life with a certain undeniable authority, Mr. Holdsworth is delightful as the solicitous and eager-to-please Messenger. Mr. Levene is the prototypical cigar-chewing guy you want in your corner. Mr. Serna has a marvelous knack for channeling a mix of pomposity and sinisterness, as he did in Hale's recent production of Tarzan. Mss. Kalbfleisch and Powers round out the triangles with flare." Read more here.


7. Salt Lake City, UT: Editor Tyler Hinton reviews Pioneer Theatre Company's FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. He says, "Director/choreographer Karen Azenberg has created a fluidly, meaningfully staged production. The humor and pathos that alternate throughout the strong script are like pockets of light and shadow that are highlighted and accentuated by the equally strong direction. "Matchmaker" and "Chava Sequence" are particularly contrasting musical numbers, but both are staged flawlessly." Read his full review here.

8. Los Angeles, CA: Editor Don Grigware interviews Director Brady Schwind on the reimagined CARRIE: THE MUSICAL, which officially opens on October 1 at the historical Los Angeles Theatre. Grigware asks, "Has the show changed in any way since March? Have you had to adapt it to the new space in any way?" and Schwind replies, "Yes, indeed it has! Our pilot production at La Mirada this spring was a fantastic chance to test the environmentall-immersive concept I had for the piece, but The Los Angeles Theatre is a whole different play-ground. Quite literally! This old jewel of a downtown movie palace is a vast, fascinating labyrinth of space, with decades of lore and an astonishing architecture. It's also one of L.A.'s best kept secrets. One of the biggest thrills for me on this incarnation, is imagineering how the story of CARRIE can work in tandem with the story of this extraordinary building. So while, we are taking the bones (and hopefully the best aspects) of what was done before, we are completely re-imagining the show for our new home. Everything is bigger and better! We have lots of new surprises, and I think for even those who saw it at La Mirada, it will feel like a fresh, new production." Read the full interview here.



9. Melbourne, Australia: New Editor Brodie Paparella reviews COMPANY at fortyfivedownstairs. He says, "The female actors really led the charge in this one. Nicole Melloy was a superb neurosis with a voice I craved more of.Johanna Allen gave good depth to the slightly suppressed Jenny, and the operatic notes gave a dimension to the musical direction the entire audience were grateful for. Sally Bourne was the most realised character, and held firm in her sardonic insights around which Robert's development needed support, and got it. Sonya Suares definitely had the hyperactivity down for Amy..." Read more here.

National Tour Highlight:

10. Nashsville Editor Jeffrey Ellis reviews DIRTY DANCING at Tennessee Performing Arts Center. He says, "Cleverly and imaginatively brought to life onstage in this Equity production now touring the country, Dirty Dancing is evocative of its time and place and the story of Johnny and Baby's burgeoning love affair is just as potent as it ever was - perhaps even more so, thanks to the stellar performances of Christopher Tierney and Gillian Abbott as the star-crossed lovers at the story's center, impressively directed by James Powell and choreographed by Michele Lynch." Read more here.

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