New MSG Ad Claims Broadway Actors Not 'Real Men'; Internet Reacts

New MSG Ad Claims Broadway Actors Not 'Real Men'; Internet Reacts

A new advertisement for Madison Square Garden is creating quite a stir in the Broadway community because of its homophobic message. The poster reads: 'It's Friday night. You can either see a Broadway harness malfunction or you can watch real men fly.' Check out what Jonathan Higbee had to say about the ad at Instinct Magazine below:

'The ad, which insinuates that Broadway actors are not "real men" while athletes are, has left New York gays and sports fans (and gay sports fans) debating its place in 2012.

Forget the fact that jokes about the Spiderman production (referenced in the ad) are soooo 2010; I'd love to see the "real men" of MSG Network's outdated imagination don tights, harness up and swing above a crowd in one of the most dangerous situations to hit Broadway since Hugh Jackman's one man show caused mini riots in Hell's Kitchen. No really, I'd love to see that.

In a year that has marked considerable and unprecedented progress in the war against homophobia in sports (Chris Kluwe, for starters), this ad is—if not completely offensive—lazy and not funny.

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