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Murilo Ohl Was Inspired By Next on Stage to Bring Joy to Others - Next on Stage

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We're down to our top 5 in the Next on Stage competition!

Contestant Murilo Ohl shares more about his charity, why he applied for Next on Stage, and what 'VAI BRASIL!' means!

What charity did you pick and why?

I picked New York Immigration Coalition because I directly relate to its cause and what they fight for. Being a foreign student living in the Big City, I understand a little bit more of the reality of the immigrants and know that it is not easy. Since I found the opportunity to help, I knew I wanted to enter the competition and work to donate this prize and to be a part of this fight to have an inclusive community.

Why did you apply for Next on Stage?

I applied to Next On Stage because I saw in the competition an opportunity to share my work and what I am learning in order to help something bigger than me. In the beginning of quarantine, I was having a difficult time trying to create art and thanks to Next On Stage I was inspired to bring joy to people in such a delicate time. It is also a challenge to show the work to everyone outside of the audition and classroom, but it has been a wonderful experience of growth and learning.

What does musical theatre mean to you?

Musical theatre means a chance to use my body, voice, heart and soul to contribute to the storytelling of stories I love. It means helping in the creation of worlds that can touch, inspire, unite and change people the same way I have been changed by the ones who came before me.

Share a memory from seeing a show.

The strongest memory I have is from The Lion King in Brazil when I was 12 years old. I was sitting in a seat by the aisle and during the opening number of Act II the Ensemble came to the audience to sing close to us. I was surprised and lucky enough to have one of the cast members standing right in front of me. Even though I could not understand a word of what she was singing, I immediately started to cry and felt like that was an invitation for me to join the musical theatre world.

Give a shoutout and share a fun fact!

I want to give my sister Thais a shoutout for her being the biggest supporter and moving mountains to help me get where I always dreamed of being. A fun fact is that whenever a Brazilian contestant is participating in any competition, we all say 'VAI BRASIL!' in order to cheer for the person representing the country.

Want to see Murilo in the final 3? Vote for him HERE!

Inspired by your favorite network TV singing contests, the site invited high school and college aged students to submit videos of themselves performing a song from the musical theatre canon to enter the competition.

Voting for the top 3 is now open! The nominees have submitted all new songs for you to listen to before casting your vote!

Voting for High School will close at 11:59 PM ET on Wednesday, June 24th. Voting for College will close on 11:59 PM ET on Thursday June 25th.

Then tune in for the results LIVE as the judges watch the performances and pick someone from the bottom three to be saved to compete for the top 3! Live shows will air Thursday at 8 PM (high school) and Friday at 8PM (college.)

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