Midtown International Theatre Festival Announces 2013 Award Winners

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The Midtown InterNational Theatre Festival (MITF) announced the winners of the MITF 2013 Season Awards. The Award ceremony was held on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 7pm at The Actors Temple Theater, 339 W. 47th Street, NYC.

The MITF 2013 Season Award Winners are listed in bold below (the non-bolded entries are nominees):

Outstanding Production of a Play

Division Avenue

How To Make a Robot

Love, Genius and a Walk

Love Stinks

A Serious Person and Then Some

Outstanding Production of a Musical
Angel On My Shoulder

Color of Life

Crazytown: My First Psychopath

The Dark I Know

Motel Rasdell

Outstanding Production of a Short Subject
Funny Stories

Margarita and Max

Our Lord and Savior Seahorse

Nobody's Bones


Outstanding Production of a Staged Reading
Another Girl

Brooklyn Moonshine War


The Premature Burial

Signal Malfunction

Outstanding Playwright

Miki Bone - Division Avenue

Drew Valins/Franz/Drew/Rotpeter Gay Walley - Love, Genius and a Walk

Alec Gutherz - The Names

Samuel A. Simon - The Actual Dance

Outstanding Music & Lyrics
Sachiko Ishimaru & Yasuhiro Ito - Color of Life

Danielle DeMatteo & Caitlin Angelo - Motel Rasdell

James Beaumont & O'Mara Leary & Warren Hill - Angel On My Shoulder

Joe Salem & James Salem - Bending All the Rules

Jude Trader-Wolff - Crazytown: My First Psychopath

Outstanding Direction of a Play
Dean Nolen - Division Avenue

Gregory Abels- Love, Genius and a Walk

Joan Kane - Love Stinks

Ethan Cherkasky - The Shallot

Audrey Alford - Black Ice

Outstanding Direction of a Musical

Sachiko Ishimaru - Color of Life

Joe Maruzzo -Angel On My Shoulder

Rachael Brandy - The Dark I Know

Donnie Kehr - Motel Rasdell

Emma Canalese - Hollywood! Hollywood!

Outstanding Direction of a Short Subject or Staged Reading

David Hilder - Margarita and Max
Issac Scranton - Brattleboro
Roark Littlefield - The Violin Maker
Rebecca Etzine - Yesterday Iran Today Iraq
Joan Kane - Iris

Outstanding Costume Design

Colleen Heany - Love, Genius and a Walk
Jaime Torres - Motel Rasdell
Uncredited; Director Billy Marks - The HAT Chronicles
Brittany Merola - The Dark I Know
Anastasia Glebova - The Past Is Still Ahead

Outstanding Sound Design
Kenian Spann - Suckerfish

Daniel Spitaliere - Coffee/Evil

Matt Jenkins - Division Avenue

Bill Toles - A Question of Taste

Jon Roberts - The Actual Dance

Outstanding Scenic Design
Yuka Ito - Color of Life

Uncredited; Director Dean Nolen - Division Avenue

Noeland Collins - Suckerfish

Laura Duncombe - Envoy

Alyssa Manfredo - The Dark I Know

Outstanding Lighting Design

Ayumo "Poe" Saegusa - Color of Life

Alexis Qualls - Angel On My Shoulder

Shane Moan - Yesterday Iran Today Iraq

Uncredited; TD David Ullman - Crazytown: My First Psychopath

Sarah M. Chichester - A Question of Taste

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play (Full Production)
Jordan Felther - Division Avenue

Drew Valins/Franz/Drew/Rotpeter Jacquay Waller - The Black Man-o-logues

Wayne Paul Mattingly - Samaritans, or Where Is Sylvia

Paul Binotto - Love, Genius and a Walk

Steve Aronson - The Tellin' Man

Arno Austin - The Tellin' Man

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play (Full Production)
Mary Rasmussen - Division Avenue

Rosie Cosch - Love Stinks

Katy May Hudson - Marilyn

Grace Lubek - The Shallot

Beverlix Jean-Baptiste - The Tellin' Man

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical (Full Production)
Eric Morris - Angel On My Shoulder

Yasuhiro Ito - Color Of Life

John Gardiner - Motel Rasdell

Tyrone Stanley - Soul On Fire

Andrew Pichardo - Bending All the Rules

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical (Full Production)
Shino Frances - Color Of Life

Emma Hunton - Motel Rasdell

Sabina Petra - The Dark I Know

Amanda Hart Walker - Enter Singing

Michelle Lynn - Soul On Fire

Shirley Murdock - Soul On Fire

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Short Subject

James Judd - Funny Stories

Damian Maffei - Suckerfish

AnDrew Hutcheson - Yesterday Iran Today Iraq

Andrew Blair - The Suitcase

Justyn Skyler Bougeno - Nobody's Bones

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Short Subject
Laura Lee - Two Women on a Precipice

Christina Toth - Brattleboro

Kim McKean - Margarita and Max

Gina Haver - Over the Hill

Joan Valentina - Teach Me To Cry

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Kevin Sebastian - Samaritans, or Where Is Sylvia?

David Brickman - Marilyn

Eric Rice - Sort of Like Julie...Only Worse

Spencer Aste - Slain In the Spirit

Angelo Andrisani - The Tellin' Man

Errol Greeves - The Tellin' Man

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Phylis Rossi - Marilyn

Gina Labozetta - The Shallot

Donna Lee Michaels - Teach Me To Cry

Joanna Glushak - Division Avenue

Emily Larger - Motel Rasdell

Emily Swindal - Over the Hill

Katie Curri - Slain In the Spirit

Outstanding Ensemble Performance
The Tellin' Man


Slain in the Spirit

Motel Rasdell

Love, Genius and a Walk

Division Avenue

Outstanding Choreography
Uncredited; Director Sachiko Ishimaru - Color of Life

Greg Graham - Motel Rasdell

Emma Canalese & Emily Vartanian - Hollywood! Hollywood!

Uncredited; Director Audrey Alford - Black Ice

Outstanding Show Marketing & Advertising


Division Avenue

Enter Singing

The Dark I Know

The Shallot

In addition to the Artistic Awards above, MITF bestowed the following prizes:

The Congeniality Award- Awarded to a festival production that excels in demonstrating congeniality before, during, and after the festival process, including efficiency, flexibility, tact, and professionalism. This monetary award is voted on by the Festival crew that interacts with the shows on a daily basis, and presented by MITF General Manager Louis S. Salamone. This award was given to George Cameron Grant of the productionSACRIFICE.

Producer's Awards- This monetary award is awarded to the producers who sell the most tickets and engage in the most inventive marketing, presented by MITF Executive Producer John Chatterton. This award was given to the production THE DARK I KNOW.

In addition to the MITF Awards, John Chatterton took this opportunity to give awards to the participants in the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival, held this year from February 11 - Mar. 3. The following is the list of nominees and winners for the Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival Awards:

Nominees for Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival Awards

Outstanding Production Overall

Get Me A Guy
Life As A Pomegranate
What The Hell Happened To Henry

Outstanding Writing

Israela Margalit, Get Me A Guy
William "Bill" Beasley, What Are Friends For?
Joseph P. Krawczyk, Macho Moments

Outstanding Directing

Christopher Diercksen, Get Me A Guy Ginette Mohr, Life As A Pomegranate
Barbara Brandt, Shooting Pool With A Rope

Outstanding Actress

Liv Benger, Quick Bright Things In Clip On Ties
Erika Dianovsky, A Credit To His Race
Lulu Brud, A Baby's Arm Holding An Apple
Jennifer Krisch, That Woman's Child
Dawna Joy Wightman, Life As A Pomegranate

Outstanding Actor

Alec Aren, Shooting Pool With A Rope
Brian Knoebel, Pretty Little Mouth Eddie Kehler, A Baby's Arm Holding An Apple
JacK Gilbert, Macho Moments

Outstanding Production Values

Mira's Vintage Boutique (Costumes), Life As A Pomegranate
Audrey Nauman (Costumes), Living Arrangements
(Uncredited Inflatable Couch) Child Of Faith
(Uncredited Lighting & Sound) The Trainer

The MITF's 2013 season ran from July 15 to August 4, 2013 at the June Havoc Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor and the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, 312 W. 36th Street, 1st floor.

John Chatterton, executive producer for the Festival, said "This is the finest turnout for the MITF in 14 years, and I was truly blown away by the quality of the work. I'm proud of this year's Festival!" Further information about the MITF can be found on the Festival Web site, at www.MidtownFestival.org.

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