Interview with Singer/Songwriter Amanda Green

Amanda Green, daughter of famed-Broadway lyricist Adolph Green, is embarking on her biggest project yet, working with Tom Kitt to musicalize the hit 2000 film – HIGH FIDELITY. At Birdland on July 12th, they'll be previewing songs from the show as well as other material written by the pair. "It's a chance for us and these amazing performers to be able to sing some of the songs we have been working on, to get them out there and to see how they fly! We're also performing a bunch of songs from other projects as well – some that we've written together, and others not."

HIGH FIDELITY is still in its Early Stages, but they've already got their timetable and destination planned. "We're taking it straight to Vegas!" Green joked, "Just kidding! The plan is to take it to Broadway, by way of 'we-shall-see.' We hope to finish writing it in the next 3-6 months, and take it from there."


"Tom approached me with the idea a couple of years ago," explained Green, "and HIGH FIDELITY has long been one of my 'Desert Island All-Time Top 5' favorite books (to quote the show!). We both loved the movie too, but I didn't know how and if it would translate to the stage. However, the moment we began discussing it, song ideas burst forth and we quickly saw how songs could bring a lot to the table!"

The songs are among the many they'll be presenting at the July 12th concert which came about with a bit of help from Cast Party host, Jim Caruso. "Our good friend Jim has begun working a bit with Birdland – which is a fantastic club that I've always wanted to play – and I begged him for a gig!" Amanda's been working with Tom Kitt on HIGH FIDELITY and some other projects for the past year, so working with him on the concert was the next logical step. "We've done a couple of evenings featuring songs we've written together, as well as stuff we've written on our own, performed by us and a slew of amazing performers, and it's been a blast, so we jumped at the chance to do another!"
Some of those amazing "friends and people we've always wanted to work with" including a cavalcade of Broadway regulars including stars like Mario Cantone (Assasins, Sex In The City,) Jenn Colella (Urban Cowboy), Jonathan Dokuchitz (Hairspray), Matt McGrath (Hedwig, Cabaret), Greg Naughton (founder, Blue Light Theater), Nancy Opel (Fiddler, Urinetown), Alice Ripley (Rocky Horror, Side Show), and Amy Spanger (Chicago, Urinetown, Kiss Me Kate). "They are the best, and we still can't quite believe they're all doing it."

The concert will feature a mix of things from the talent they've gathered together, and Amanda gave us a sneak peak at how the concert cast was lining up with the characters from the source material. "Both Matt, and Tom will sing a couple of songs as the hero Rob. Jenn will sing as his ex-girlfriend Laura, one of the lead characters. Greg will be playing the character Barry (in the film it was the Jack Black role). I'll do a cameo or two as a couple of ex-girlfriends from Rob's past, as well as one of their Mom's. Alice Ripley will do a star turn as a singer/songwriter Marie LaSalle, and Mario Cantone will likewise do a star turn as....well I can't say, that would ruin the surprise!"

After the concert, it's back to work on HIGH FIDELITY, for which they're hoping to have a book writer join the team soon. The show will ultimately be a mix of material from both the book and the film. Working with Tom Kitt has been a "great joy from the get go" is how Amanda describes the relationship between the collaborators. "I'm writing the lyrics, and Tom is the composer, but we both discuss the song, decide what it's about, the title, how it will work, etc. so it's a constant exchange of ideas. If I have a musical idea, Tom will listen and likewise Tom has come up with hilarious lyric ideas and song directions."

They share both humor, and a strong work ethic, which comes through while discussing the concert material "We feed off each other's ideas, share a similarly warped sense of humor and are both passionate about this show, and our work in general. We both work quickly and obsessively on a song until it's done!"

It all sounds good to us here at BroadwayWorld!

Amanda Green & Tom Kitt takes place on Monday July 12th at 8pm at Birdland. For reservations, call: 212-581-3080. Birdland is at
315 West 44th Street
. For more information Amanda Green, visit

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