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Dedrick Weathersby to Release 5 MINUTES TIL PLACES

The love of theater and the Broadway community, inspired Dedrick Weathersby to tackle the songs from Ragtime, Ain't Misbehavin, The Fantasticks and Dreamgirls.

Dedrick Weathersby to Release 5 MINUTES TIL PLACES

It's been a year since the pandemic struck the nation and definitely the live theatre community. Many theaters, per say have reinvented themselves within the virtual broadcast arena; this stands true for Dedrick Weathersby, a San Francisco based actor and playwright.

Weathersby, who owns Weathersby Production LLC and Superbad Theater Company. Weathersby had great touring success with his new Jukebox musical titled "Remembering James-The Life and Music of James Brown" from February 2019 to March 2020. Weathersby stated "Its been tough to postpone so many dates, but it's just that, postponement but not cancelled. Definitely eye opening of the reality that the nation, even the world has gone through this pandemic." Weathersby has been working hard on booking future dates and writing new materials; but one thing we needed to check off on his list, and that was recording a tribute to Broadway. Weathersby stated "I needed to create something for my followers/listeners and out came the titled "5 Minutes Til Places( A term used by stage managers pre show)".

The love of Theater and the Broadway community, inspired Dedrick Weathersby to tackle the songs from Ragtime, Ain't Misbehavin, The Fantasticks and Dreamgirls. Weathersby spoke on the meaning of each song and gave specific back stories behind it. So let's start with Ragtime, why this show? "Ragtime was dear to my heart because of the subject matter or racism, what justice looks like and the historical facts: I recall being held at gun point by officers before going to a show, it was a mistaken identity but it didn't help that my producer in which was a white woman had to calm the situation down. After the incident, I had two choices, allow for this to impede on my artistry or use it to convey my characters story deeper? I took the latter".

The Fantasticks, which is an old and longest running musical on and off Broadway. This musical, why and what song? "This musical is so hilarious and have so many thoughtful nuggets. I'm a fan and student of slap stick comedy, it's so amazing to have the audience in on the jokes and the characters remain clueless until a big reveal. This musical without going into details, was a comic relief and a redirection in my life personally. We performed over 30 shows at the Shelton Theater in San Francisco and every show was sold out and even had patrons whom seen the original musical on Broadway. Try To Remember is the classic song I selected, this song is embedded within Broadway history".

Dreamgirls is a musical that was made famous in 2006 starring Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé, Anika Noni Rose and Jennifer Hudson. As I researched, you were in this musical quite a lot and I'm assuming the reason of adding that song? "Yes, Dreamgirls was my break into the industry and in result was nominated for multiple awards, including Person to Watch. Therefore, the role of James Thunder Early has open doors for other roles including my current role as James Brown in Remembering James- The Life and Music of James Brown".

Weathersby knew at a young age in Longview Texas he wanted to be a performing artist. Staying true to his dream was very vital. Weathersby, recalls his drama teacher in middle school (Mattie Cuba) telling him to never stray from the stage.

9 years ago, Theater brought Weathersby to the Golden State. He landed roles in "Dream Girls (James Thunder Early)," "Ragtime (Coalhouse)", "Hairspray (Seaweed)", "The Fantasticks (El Gallo)" and "Rent (Angel)," to name a few. He started out as a second understudy in "Tarzan the Disney Tour" and earned the role of Turk. Weathersby stated, "He has learned nothing is given and it's all earned. Never think you the only one that has talent, it's what you do with it and how you own it, that matters".

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Dedrick Weathersby's- 5 Minutes Til Places (Songs of Broadway)

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