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DID YOU KNOW...The 10 Most Interesting Message Board Topics of the Week, July 23- July 29!


These days, in the new age of social media revolution, the best source of information is YOU. Each day, fans of BroadwayWorld post tens of thousands of comments on our multiple message boards (main and local), weighing in on the latest news, rumors, reviews, stars and more.  Each week, we find a few stand-out threads - those that have sparked particularly interesting discussion that we've decided to shine a light on each week in our newest feature: DID YOU KNOW...The 10 Most Interesting Message Board Topics of the Week, brought to you by YOU!

Be sure to check back each week to see if YOUR thread made the Top 10 list!

The Top 10 from this week? Read on!

Most Unlucky Broadway Theatre

How does one explain a flop?  Many critically acclaimed shows have failed at the box office, while others that have received straight pans have flouished.  Could it possibly be that some Broadway theatres just bring plain old bac luck?  Read here to find out more. (Started by Jay94)

Show Curtains

While most Broadway theatres invoke an old-world beauty rarely seen in any other venue, oftentimes the most impressive visual of a preshow set is the curtains themselves.  Do you have a favorite? (Started by boxers7)

Designing Spider-Man: The Musical

Want to see a couple of George Tsypin's original Spider-Man designs?  Click here! (Started by SeanMartin)

Overlooked/Under Appreciated Scenes

What scenes from famous shows do you think are unjustly swept under the rug? (Started by aasjb4ever)

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

How do you feel about a musical adaptation? (Started by ChiChi)

Librettos in your Program

It is fairly standard in opera to have the show's libretto accompany your program.  Thsi thread asks whether the same would be appropriate for Broadway shows.  Thoughts? (Started by PennybankBill)

A Rare Find

Mr Roxy, who started this thread, shared that he found an old cassette tape of We Take The Town. What was the most precious find of old in your collection?

What do You Think of an All-Black Version of Les Miserables?

...and, what would be the dream cast? (Started by ILOHTFAHA (Aida Man)

Russell Crowe vs. Paul Bettany

As BroadwayWorld has previously reported, a new movie version of Les Miserable is in the works, with Hugh Jackman set to lead as Valjean.  Who do you think would make the best Javert: Russell Crowe or Paul Bettany? (Started by broadwaybabytn)

Unpopular Opnions You Hold

Making the list twIce This week is BWW fan aasjb4ever!  Congratulations!  So go on...we all have them.  What opinions about Broadway do you have that go against the grain?  Don't be shy!

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