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Staying Fit While Staying In
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BWW Exclusive: Daily #MobilityMinute with Mark Fisher Fitness Trainer Harold Gibbons- The Rainbow Reach

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Your fitness doesn't have to hit PAUSE while sheltering in place, so we're teaming up with Mark Fisher Fitness and Harold Gibbons to offer you a series of movements for your stay-at-home adventures.

Mark Fisher Fitness's Steward of Strength Harold Gibbons is here to show you the Rainbow Reach. I discovered this move while taking an online Qigong class, and immediately saw its connection to how we look at movement. The goal is to allow for range of motion at the shoulder while the arms move through their circles, while also allowing the ribs to rotate back and forth over the pelvis while resisting extending through the lower back, which we call "Rib Cage Boner" at MFF.

Start feet together, knees slightly bent, and reach one one hand forward while the other reaches backwards, allowing your ribs to rotate over your pelvis as you complete those semi-circles and your hands meet above your head. Continue the reach around until you complete the circle, and then repeat in the opposite direction. I've found this to be more relaxing if you inhale as you reach up and exhale as you return to the start. 8-10 reps per side should do the trick for keeping you loose and relaxed throughout your day!

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