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BWW Exclusive: Daily #MobilityMinute with Mark Fisher Fitness Trainer Harold Gibbons- Fist & Twist
Staying Fit While Staying In
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BWW Exclusive: Daily #MobilityMinute with Mark Fisher Fitness Trainer Harold Gibbons- Fist & Twist

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Your fitness doesn't have to hit PAUSE while sheltering in place, so we're teaming up with Mark Fisher Fitness and Harold Gibbons to offer you a series of movements for your stay-at-home adventures. Today, he's here to show you how to help loosen up those shoulders after a busy day of typing, texting, or taking it easy.

Ninjas from Mark Fisher Fitness may recognize this as a slow-motion "Seated Sprinter" but to hell you remember it, let's call it the "Fist & Twist" - you won't forget that, will ya?! Start in a long-seated position, and reach one elbow and fist as far forward as possible - just like the Wall Slide we did last time! While one elbow reaches forward, the other elbow reaches back, and the goal is to complete a full breath cycle - both inhale and exhale - before switching and repeating on the other side. The goal here is to use the exhale to compress the front of your ribcage and the inhale to expand the back of your ribcage.

If you really want to be a nerd about it, technically we're expanding the upper back on the side reaching forward, and the chest on the side reaching backward. If you can manage pressure, you can manage position. If you can manage position, you can manage tension. If you want a muscle to relax, you have to breathe it into a better position.

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