Ailey Extension Offers Special Opportunities This Fall To Train And Take The Stage With Celebrated Dancers

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Ailey Extension Offers Special Opportunities This Fall To Train And Take The Stage With Celebrated Dancers

This October Ailey Extension offers a wealth of opportunities for dancers of all ages to learn moves from internationally-acclaimed dance icons and veterans of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Pose on FX's Dashaun Wesley, will teach every element of vogue in a workshop focused on the culturally rich and highly stylized history and fundamentals of this alluring technique. Veteran Ailey dancer Vernard Gilmore will lead multiple Rommett Floor Barre workshops allowing dancers to correct alignment and understand their energy. New and seasoned dancers alike will have the exciting chance to dance in a Contemporary workshop taught by Ailey's Jamar Roberts, before he makes his premiere as Ailey's first-ever resident choreographer. Students can take part in an exciting new collaboration project between famed Afro Latin Artist/Choreographer Sekou Miller and Senegalese Experimental Sabar Innovator Babacar Top during a lively Afro Fusions Masterclass combining African modern dance with traditional and social dances from West Africa, the Caribbean and the US. Dancers of all experience levels can learn the basics of vogue from Cesar Valentino - an icon of New York City's famed Ballroom Vogue scene - and put their moves to the test on the runway during a Halloween-themed Vogue Workshop/Mini Ball. Ailey Extension also invites the public to join In Conversation with Masazumi Chaya, moderated by former Ailey Company member Renee Robinson, to reflect on Chaya's history-making five-decade journey with the Ailey organization prior to his final season as Associate Artistic Director at New York City Center from December 4, 2019 - January 5, 2020.

Dancers can showcase their skills onstage with the boundary pushing Fall 2019 Voices & Visions Contemporary Performance Workshop curated by former Ailey dancer Michael Thomas. Voices & Visions allows dancers of all experience levels an opportunity to refine their technique, boost stage presence and perform movement to original choreography taught by distinguished instructors and choreographers. Throughout October students can also drop-in on recurring workshops Afro Flow Yoga with Gina Onayiga, Move Your Curves with Pretty BIG Movement, and Doun Doun Dance with Maguette Camara.

In addition to workshops for adults, Ailey Extension will offer workshops designed specifically for teens and families. A Teen Hip Hop Workshop with celebrity choreographer TweetBoogie on Monday, October 14 gives teens 13 and up the opportunity to learn to perform and execute different styles of Hip Hop with intention, while a West African Family Day workshop with The Ailey School instructor Imani Faye on Saturday, October 19 gives community members a chance to include children as young as 10 years old in their dance experience.

Ailey Extension will also introduce a new weekly Absolute Beginner Heels class taught by Pretty BIG Movement, the full-figured dance company who recently performed with recording artist Lizzo at the 2019 MTV VMAs. Each workshop and class offered at Ailey Extension presents an opportunity for novice and professional students alike to refine their technique and connect with others in the NYC dance community while being taught by the city's top instructors at the Joan Weill Center for Dance - New York City's largest building dedicated to dance and home of the world-renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ailey II, and The Ailey School. For further information about workshops and classes at Ailey Extension, and to register visit



Whether you're a novice or experienced dancer, this four-week student performance workshop will help you gain invaluable performance training, improve your quality of movement and discover the extraordinary dancer inside. Voices & Visions Contemporary Dance Workshop is a chance to push the boundaries of your creative voice with original choreography from prominent Ailey instructors and choreographers.

This workshop series begins October 6 and culminates in a performance on Sunday November 3 at the Ailey Citigroup Theater.

  • Contemporary with Karen Arceneaux: Sundays at 12pm & Tuesdays at 7:30pm, October 6-October 29

Participants will focus on movement and technique that brings out the best of who you are as a performer and story teller. Led by The Ailey School alumna and instructor Karen Arceneaux.

  • Contemporary with Becky Brown: Thursdays at 7:30pm & Saturdays at 4:30pm, October 10 - November 1

You will find freedom in your joints, connection to the earth, suspension in the body, texture in movement and momentum-driven dancing during this Limon performance workshop led by The Ailey School instructor Becky Brown.

  • Contemporary with Christian von Howard: Mondays at 7pm & Wednesdays at 7pm, October 7-October 30

Participants will dive in and explore various movement ideas that call for you to dance with immunity and exuberance.

  • Contemporary with Christopher Jackson: Sundays at 4pm & Wednesdays at 7:30pm, October 6 - October 30

Work on finding the flexibility in the use of movement while developing technique and building on top of a standard foundation. Individuality as well as creativity is welcomed in the initial process. Led by former Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company member Christopher Jackson.

  • Contemporary with Noibis Licea: Wednesdays & Fridays at 8pm, October 9-November 1

Participants will endure discipline and concentration as they learn to dance representing Yoruba deity Ogun, using quick and heavy dances with aggressive gestures and unpredictable turns that require precision and agility.

  • Contemporary with Levi Marsman: Sundays at 4:30pm & Saturdays at 3pm, October 6 - November 2

Be prepared to test your artistry and personal movement style as you focus on shifting weight and the use of breath in movement in this workshop which fuses modern and ballet elements to explore contemporary movement. Led by The Ailey School alumnus and former Ailey II dancer Levi Marsman.

  • Contemporary with Michael Thomas: Fridays at 7:30pm & Saturdays at 5pm, October 11 - November 2

Utilizing a natural blending of music and movement, this neo-soul style of contemporary movement will help you develop, vary and elaborate on the starting motif to create a work that is supercharged, exciting and fun. Led by former Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company member Michael Thomas.


Come learn the history and basics of Vogue in a Vogue Workshop with Pose on FX actor and active ballroom participant Dashaun Wesley. This culturally rich and highly stylized workshop will go through each element of vogue with class demonstrations to secure the understanding of every move executed. Students will practice angular, linear movement with gestures and dramatics. Knee pads are welcomed. Wednesdays, October 9, October 16 from 7:30pm-9:00pm.


Increase stability, advance your workouts with precision, and live better in your body during this Rommett Floor Barre workshop led by veteran Ailey dancer Vernard Gilmore. This workshop will focus on understanding your energy and directing it through your body's alignment with a gentle and efficient effort. Sundays October 13, 20 & 27 from 2pm-3pm.


Focus on opposition and resistance in movement during a Contemporary Workshop led by Ailey's newly announced resident choreographer Jamar Roberts. On Monday, October 14 from 1pm - 3pm, students will be encouraged to connect movement to the breath and their own physical sensation, allowing them to engage with a more dynamic sense of musicality and a consistent flow of energy at all times.


Explore Afro Latin rhythms and techniques alongside Traditional West African dance and Experimental Sabar from Senegal in this exciting Afro Fusions - Masterclass. Sekou and Babacar's unique and daring new style uses the backdrop of urban, modern, jazz and contemporary styles to create new and exciting experiences and possibilities.
Class begins with an emphasis on alignment, rhythm, mobility, mindful body impulse and meditation, and introduces various African and western dance techniques. Tuesday, October 22 from 7:30pm-9pm.


Join us In Conversation with Masazumi Chaya - Ailey's Keeper of the Flame on Thursday, October 24 at 7pm. Hosted by former Ailey Company member Renee Robinson, the conversation with beloved mainstay of Ailey Associate Artistic Director Masazumi Chaya in advance of his final season with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, will look back at a history-making journey through the world of dance and the Ailey organization spanning five decades.


Learn vogue basics and classic and current trends in runway modeling during a Halloween-themed Vogue Workshop/Mini Ball on Saturday, October 26 from 7pm-9pm. Students of all levels will also cover traditional jazz class warm ups, across the floor exercises, flexibility, strength and core training before bringing it to the runway in a mini Monster Ball. Trophies and other prizes will be distributed for the workshop's mini ball categories: runway (vampires & villains), vogue with a prop (Bring it like Jason, Pinhead, Mike Myers, Jigsaw or Leatherface - fake props only), and best dressed (ghouls, goblins and mummies). Though not required, students are encouraged to bring heels for the runway portion of the class.


Starting October 10, spend Thursdays from 7:30pm-8:30pm learning the secrets and basic technique of dancing in heels while embracing femininity. The ladies of full-figured dance company Pretty BIG Movement will teach you to strut comfortably in heels as you move to various dance genres with full confidence.



As one of the most sought-after teachers on the scene today, TweetBoogie will give your teens the tools needed to take their hip hop skills to the next level during this Teen Hip Hop workshop. In this fun and welcoming environment, students will learn to perform and execute different styles of Hip Hop with intention and strong emphasis on technique. Monday October 14 from 12:30pm-2pm.

WEST AFRICAN FAMILY DAY WITH IMANI FAYE (Adults and children ages 10+)

Bring children as young as 10 years old to join you in a West African Family Day workshop focusing on traditional West African dances within a context of music and oral tradition. In this family-friendly class on Saturday, October 19 from 5pm - 6:30pm you will build strength, improve stamina and gain confidence as you learn dances which celebrate the many facets of life in West Africa such as rites of passage, festive and ceremonial occasion. Musical accompaniment by the Djembe Orchestra.



Find your center during an Afro Flow Yoga workshop which infuses electrifying dance movements of the African Diaspora flowing with a meditative yoga sequence of gentle yet powerful stretches. You will deeply connect with the soulful rhythms of live drumming, energize your chakras, gain strength and flexibility, and rejoice in the bliss of feeling grounded and peaceful. Afro Flow workshops take place on Sundays, October 13, October 17, November 10, November 24 and December 8, December 15 and December 22 from 2pm - 4:30pm.


Surround yourself with fellow confident plus size women who share your passion for dance in the Move Your Curves workshop. Ailey Extension is partnering with Pretty BIG Movement to present monthly workshops specializing in hip-hop, jazz, ethnic and other dance styles in a judgment-free environment. Move Your Curves workshops take place on Saturdays, October 19, November 16 and December 14 from 7pm - 9pm.


Connect with the classic doun doun drums, which serve as the foundation of West African music and dance as you learn about their significance during a Doun Doun Dance workshop. Maguette Camara will teach students to dance and play the doun doun drum simultaneously, creating a powerful connection of West African movement and sound. Doun Doun Dance workshops will be held on Wednesdays, October 23 and November 20 from 7pm-8:30pm.

In addition to these exciting new workshops and classes, Ailey Extension offers more than 90 weekly classes in over 25 different dance and fitness techniques, including ballet, jazz, Horton, Dunham, Zumba, West African, Salsa, Pilates, Masala Bhangra, and many more. For the complete class schedule or to register, visit

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