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Actors Equity Releases Statement on 'Twittering Casting Director'


It was brought to's attention this morning via a rapid slew of emails to our "Twitter Watch" inbox, that one of the more than 200 Broadway-related Tweeters that we were picking up the feed of, was a casting director, who was 'tweeting' during auditions with her take on some of the performers (mentioning none by name) with live comments, both good and bad, after they'd auditioned.

Comments, which again, did not mention any specific auditioners by name included "If we wanted to hear it a different way, don't worry, we'll ask." as well as "who is that person in your headshot? it is def not the person standing in front of me." and "That is what we call an appropriate song choice! Nice work!" and "My agent: haha i pick my nose during auditions, maybe i'll get a letter" amongst others.

This being apparently the first time that this has happened, both the Twitter-verse and the Message Boards quickly saw folks weighing in on both sides of the issue as to whether or not it was appropriate.  

We checked in with an Equity Spokesperson, who told us that "AEA is aware of the situation because of numerous complaints about the unprofessional behavior of the person in question and is addressing the situation accordingly." will be checking in with Daryl Eisenberg Casting shortly as well for more on a topic that's got the whole theatrical web world "all atwitter."

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