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A Comedic Play Prioritizes Expression Within The Orthodox Jewish Experience At Yeshiva University


A Comedic Play Prioritizes Expression Within The Orthodox Jewish Experience At Yeshiva University HARVEY, the immortal comedy and timeless classic, will be performed by the men of Yeshiva University at the Schottenstein Theater in Washington Heights. Written in 1944 by the legendary playwright and journalist Mary Chase, HARVEY received widespread acclaim, winning the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1945 and being adapted for film in 1950.

This show was selected by YCDS for their spring production because of its comedic significance. Harvey enchants audiences and delivers its humor with such poise and well-timed wit, it is baffling to consider that this play was written over seventy years ago. HARVEY is more than an inconsequential laugh farm, devoid of any moral or message - it is a comedy is intertwined with profound subject matter, touching on the issues of conformity, mental illness, and the preciousness of family. The emphasis on the importance of expression ubiquitous in HARVEY is a value of utmost relevance to the Modern Orthodox Jewish world.

Moreover, this is the first time YCDS will be performing during the Omer, the forty-nine days between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Shavuoth. This time is one of sobriety and lamentation, presenting a unique challenge to the men of the Modern Orthodox theatre group. During this period, many refrain from enjoyable activities like listening to music, going to theater, or even getting a haircut and shaving. Even in the face of many obstacles, YCDS has succeeded in producing a fantastic show while abiding to the guidelines of Jewish law, attesting to its sheer exceptionality. Committed to the Arts and to Judaism, YCDS provides the students of Yeshiva University with the ability to dive into the world of theatre without sacrificing their Jewish identity.

Synopsis: Elwood P. Dowd is a delightful man who introduces everyone he meets to his (presumably imaginary) six-foot-tall rabbit friend, Harvey. Increasingly embarrassed by his brother's abnormal behavior, Vernon Dowd decides to have Elwood committed to a sanitarium. There, a comedy of errors ensues that throws the characters into a wild frenzy, ultimately prompting them to reevaluate what they believe.

Creative team: Mary Chase (Playwright), Lin Snider (Director), Adrianna Freedman (Stage Manager), Elazar Krausz (Assistant Stage Manager), Zvi Teitelbaum (Scenic Designer), Yoseph Boniuk (Technical Director).

HARVEY will perform at the Schottenstein Theater (560 West 185th street) on the following schedule:

Saturday April 21st, 9:30PM

Sunday April 22nd , 3:00PM

Monday April 23rd , 9:00PM

Tuesday April 24th, 9:00PM

Wednesday April 25th, 9:00PM

Thursday April 26th, 9:00PM

Show run time: 120 minutes including a 10-minute intermission

Tickets available at

Schottenstein Theater: 560 West 185th street. New York, NY 10033 (in between Audobon Avenue and St. Nicholas Avenue)



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