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2016 Tony Awards - The Nominees React - UPDATING LIVE!

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Brandon Victor Dixon, Best Featured Actor in a Musical for SHUFFLE ALONG
My mother woke me with the news this morning while I was waiting for the cable guy to come, so I thought it was him! I was really grateful to get the news. I'm so proud of this show. This is one of the most amazing pieces to get to work on, with George [C. Wolfe] and Savion [Glover] and Scott [Rudin]. You know, Brian Stokes Mitchell has been one of my idols since I saw him in Ragtime, so to get to work with him and Josh, and Billy and Audra... everyone has been amazing. Our show is so special and so important, and it's so wonderful to be recognized.

Stephen Karam, Best Play for THE HUMANS
I got up and made coffee this morning and it's the first time I've had a play on Broadway, so I intended to watch the live stream. But the WiFi kept going out and I blew it. It feels incredible though! I'm so happy that we got recognized in so many different categories because we are all such a family. This play came from my gut, so it means the world to me that it's connecting with so many people. I never thought it would be on Broadway, so this is unreal. I'm going to be on Charlie Rose in an hour, but that's been in the works for a long time! After that, I might get drinks with some friends and I want to stop by the theatre and celebrate with my stage family.

Alex Lacamoire, Best Orchestrations for HAMILTON
My wife and I were at home on couch watching the live stream on the laptop and I was just applauding every time someone from Hamilton was announced...and screaming out loud when Chris Jackson was nominated! Then we went out in the hood to get breakfast and we ran into Pippa [Soo] and Steve [Pasquale] so we got to celebrate with them! I keep thinking that everything that has happened with Hamilton just can't be topped. You know? We win a Pulitzer...that can't be topped. Then Lin in on the cover of Time Magazine... that can't be topped. It's just super. I'm just so proud of the show and I'm so thankful. And I'm just so happy that we all get to celebrate together and we get to party and enjoy this triumphant season. I love that about the theatre community... this loving atmosphere.

Leslie Odom, Jr. Best Leading Actor in a Musical for HAMILTON
The thing I'm most excited about is that I get to walk into this next season and stand shoulder to shoulder with my Brothers and Sisters in this show and we can hold each up. We've been there for each other for every step of the process, it has been the most rewarding professional experience of my life. Nicolette and I went to breakfast this morning. We always cut our phones out at night and she turned hers back on and had 21 messages pop up! I'm so excited that I get to celebrate by doing this show tonight. I get to go to the Richard Rodgers and do a show that I love so much and do this show that... you know, it's hard for people to realize that Hamilton wasn't always Hamilton. It was just a reading with a couple of songs that made us want to show up. Even when there was no money attached... it was for nothing more than the chance to be around it. There's no better way to celebrate.

Jessica Lange, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play for LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT
I'm just thrilled! I woke up to a lot of messages on my phone this morning, I didn't wake up in time to watch it live - I don't have the stomach for that, I approached it cautiously!

This is my first Tony nomination so that in itself is wonderful but to be recognized for this part, for the work we've done on this play, I don't think anything in my work life has ever meant more to me. It's such a brilliant piece and such an honor, this sounds corny and sentimental, but it really is such an honor to play this role, so it's very touching to be recognized.

I think I'll have to celebrate down the road because it's the beginning of the week and I have to focus on the play, but I'm sure tonight will be a wonderful evening in the theater!

Savion Glover, Best Choreography for SHUFFLE ALONG...
I found out about the nomination through several texts this morning and then some online postings when I checked on-line. It's really an honor to be recognized and to know that your work is being appreciated and enjoyed by both the voters and by the public. And, I'm proud to be amongst the other wonderful nominees.

Beowulf Boritt, Best Scenic Design of a Play for THERESE RAQUIN
To put it simply, I am happy! This is so gratifying. And for a show that has since closed to be remembered, that means everything.

I chose to sleep in today because I was at the Second Stage Theatre's Spring Gala so I was up for an insane amount of hours. I woke up and said, "Oh my it's late!" I looked at my phone and had a crazy amount of texts. It was a lovely and stress free way to find out!

This show closed in the fall, so to have been remembered in the spring is really nice!

I honestly was not planning on having anything to celebrate today, so I guess I will have to find something to do...

Michelle Williams, Nominated for Actress in a Leading Role in a Play for BLACKBIRD
I'm incredibly honored to be recognized for my work in Blackbird, and especially thrilled to share this morning with Jeff and our entire production. David's play is an adventure every time we step onto that stage, and this moment feels equally exciting. I look forward to celebrating with everyone at the Belasco tonight.

Pascale Armand, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play for ECLIPSED
My fiance and I were watching on the Today Show and we saw the bigger news, like the Best Play and Best Musical, but then it returned to regular programming! So, he pulled up the live stream and then it froze! Then we switched to the list and he just start hugging my neck and kissing me. I'm just so thrilled beyond words. It goes to show that black women's voices matter. We went into this thinking that it was gonna be a hard sell. Everyone was like, "Well, what's really gonna happen with this?" To get to this point says that people are interested. I've called my mom and cried to her already and there's so many more calls to be made today. It's my first time! I'm just one of those actors who's been hustling for such a long time... to be recognized now is surreal. I'm just used to doing the show, hanging with my friends afterwards and going home. This is a lot. I'm enjoying the ride!

Jennifer Simard, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical for DISASTER!
The first message I saw was from my brother Chris. I'm so glad it was from a sibling. They all mean so much to me. My husband I are in Cold Spring and we went to this gazebo that overlooks West Point, were my brother went. We lost my mom recently and this was the last role she saw me do. I knew I'd be really emotional today if something happened and I wanted to be somewhere that felt personal to me. It makes me feel close to my mom. I burst into tears and we hugged and I heard from my siblings. The first text I sent was to James [Wesley], Jack [Plotnick] and Seth [Rudetsky] and I said, "My initials are J.J.S., and today they stand for Jack, James and Seth." I wouldn't have this without them. They've been my friends for over 20 years. I have so many friends in shows who are giving incredible performances. What an incredible year for Broadway. How did they even pick? As a community we're very lucky. I've never had this kind of opportunity and I feel like they've given me such a gift. So, I say to them, "Thank you!" It's a workday, so I'll celebrate at the show tonight. And I feel like I've been celebrating all morning. The best part of this is the community. I feel like we are our own Hogwarts... there are so many texts and hugs and hearts... that's the celebration.

Michael Arden, Best Direction of a Musical for SPRING AWAKENING
It's funny! I'm on a bus right now where I am not supposed to be talking! And I've been on this bus since I heard the announcement so I am withholding a scream! I am so honored to be remembered since we closed. We truly built this from the bottom up. We were raising money on Kickstarter, wearing their own clothes as costumes. And, now to be nominated for Best Musical Revival. Personally, to be on the same list of people as those amazing amazing directors, is baffling.

Before I got on the bus, I was trying to watch the live stream but it's rainy and I was under an awning so the connection kept going in and out. I literally heard "And the nominees for best direction of a musical are..." and then it went out! I then got on the bus quite flustered, and then the texts poured in. It was so incredible.

I cannot wait to get off this bus and truly celebrate! I hope to round up as many of the kids tonight and raise a glass!

Jessie Mueller, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical for WAITRESS
What an amazing, groundbreaking season for Broadway! I am honored to be part of it. I'm so thrilled for Sara, Chris, and our Entire company. I am so proud of this show, its beautiful message, and all of our hard work. And now... let us eat pie!

Julian Fellowes, Best Book of a Musical for SCHOOL OF ROCK
My agent rang me this morning and she was terribly excited of course, and indeed so am I! There's simply nothing like opening a Broadway show and nothing like that show being a hit, and nothing like being nominated. I am so very happy! It's a very such a warm show and a welcoming show and I really love the way people do love it. I can't do much today to celebrate, but my wife will be in tomorrow, so we will do something then.

Lupita Nyong'o for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play for ECLIPSED
I am deeply proud to be nominated for my work in the Danai Gurira's Tony-nominated Eclipsed. My performance could not exist without the brilliance of my iron clad co-stars Pascale Armand, Akosua Busia, Zainab Jah, and Saycon Sengbloh, with the direction of Liesl Tommy. Our hope is to awaken something in the consciousness of our audience to effect change around the world. The six Tony nominations Eclipsed has received today gives me hope that we are succeeding.

Daveed Diggs, Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical for HAMILTON
It is super exciting! I could not be any happier! I found out this morning from my brother and best friend! They broke into my house and were blasting music. They then proceeded to jump into my bed with a bottle of champagne! It was wild. I must say I am so honored to be recognized as a part of this phenomenal production. As someone who is new to all of this- Broadway, musicals, press, it is incredible to experience it with this group of people. It is super humbling and inspiring to be part of the whole team. We have been building this show together for years. To watch it break records, I couldn't be happier. I cannot wait to celebrate together, especially by watching Christopher Jackson sing "One Last Time" after just being nominated for that performance, I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate.

As for now, I am about to eat and relax! I cannot wait to go see everyone who made this all possible. It truly is an entire group effort. My accolades go out to everyone; ensemble, costume, lights, everyone!

Rupert Goold, Best Direction of a Play for KING CHARLES III
'I am delighted that two Almeida Theatre productions have received multiple Tony nominations today. It's particularly exciting that King Charles III and American Psycho have been recognised in such an outstanding Broadway season.'

Sergio Trujillo, Best Choreography for ON YOUR FEET!
I'm thrilled and honored to be in the company of these other choreographers. I've dreamt of this moment my entire life. On Your Feet! is about the American dream and I'm living it.

Saycon Sengbloh, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play for ECLIPSED
I was sleeping this morning and my phone was ringing off of my table! I set my alarm to wake up to watch but I didn't do it right, so of course I slept through it. So I woke and saw my publicist's name on the phone and I couldn't even take that call because then my fiend Leland called and he said I got a nomination! I still have like 65 messages that I haven't answered! I'm really thrilled specifically for this show because I think women in war dealing with these types of situations deserve a voice and I think somehow this show humanized that voice to the American audience. We hear about things on the news, but to go inside the compound is amazing. It's such an opportunity to be that voice. And to be an actress of Liberian descent working in the Broadway community is so special. I'm so proud to be one of the ones to inspire. I'm also so pleased because I've been a part of the community for a long time and I'm an actress, but when I got here it became about my voice. So it's wonderful to be recognized for a play. I think we we're gonna go grab drinks with out director Liesl, who just won a Lortel Award, so I think we'll have a nice little drink to celebrate!

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Best Book of a Musical, Best Original Score and Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for HAMILTON
Thank you to the Tony committee and all of our fans for the amazing support that has led to this unbelievable recognition. I watched the nomination announcements with my mom, dad, wife, son, Quiara and dog this morning. For HAMILTON to receive a record-breaking number of nominations is an honor so humbling it's so far been beyond my comprehension. Congratulations to my fellow HamilFam Tony nominees Tommy, Alex, Andy, Chris, Daveed, Pippa, Renee, Jonathan, Leslie, Paul, Howell, David and our incredible team of producers, cast and crew, and to all of the nominees alongside whom we are so privileged to be recognized. And thank you to my incredible family who inspires me to work hard and has made me believe my dreams could come true. I am so lucky to share this incredible journey with all of you.

Alex Brightman, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in Musical for SCHOOL OF ROCK
My plan was to just wake up when I woke up and I'd watch if it was early enough. So I woke up at 8:35 and so we put it on. Then the screen went green and so I didn't see anything at all. And then my brother called and he was watching at work and he was screaming. He said, "Can you believe it?!" And I was like, "So I was nominated?" And it was hysterical. And hearing it from him was the coolest thing ever. I'm almost happy I couldn't see it myself. He's the man, and he's been to every show I've ever done. This is really important to me because this is the kind of show and the kind of role I've always wanted to do. I got to create... I've wanted to do that my whole life. Also, it's my brand of comedy and the kind of songs I've always wanted to sing. I was encouraged to create, and make it my own and play guitar. It's a trail mix of things I've always wanted to do. The fact that anyone took notice is so cool. I'm just thrilled we get to keep doing it. No one hates to be liked! I'm celebrating this morning by eating bacon and watching Kimmy Schmidt!

Jeff Daniels, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play for BLACKBIRD
I was in bed watching on the television like everyone else. I had just woken up, so I was poised to watch. We worked really hard on this, Michelle and I. We've been saying since previews started in February that there is only one way to do this and it's not easy. I was telling her last night, regardless of what happened this morning, we've been through everything. It's nice of the Tonys to see that and acknowledge that. You hope they see what your doing. For me, I've never done the role like this. I've done it before, but never quite like this. It costs you, and it costs Michelle. What's fun is that we still get to do the show we've been doing. It's not like we're nominated now and we've gotta do more. We can't crank it up, in a sense we've just got to keep doing what were doing. Nothing changes. It just gets easier because people know now that we've been nominated. Right now the audience comes in bracing themselves because the critics told them to. We've been feeling that. It will be interesting to see what it's like now. Now we have a stamp of approval. That makes our jobs easier and makes us want to do all the better!

David Korins, Best Scenic Design of a Musical for HAMILTON
I'm absolutely fantastic! I feel AMAZING! It truly is such an amazing honor to be nominated! I got up to watch the announcement this morning. I was all alone in the dark watching, waiting!

This means literally everything to me! I've worked with some people on this team for almost 20 years! The entire Hamilton experience has been that of a life time. With all of the different shows, and collaborations, to finally get recognition, is wonderful!

I'm devoting my day to thanking everyone who was part of this nomination! I'm currently on my way into work to celebrate with my creative team. Then I will be heading over to the Richard Rodgers Theatre to celebrate with the entire cast!

Randy Skinner, Best Choreography for DAMES AT SEA
I got notified through some phone calls and emails. Unlike, almost everyone I think, I don't have a cell phone! So i have a land line and email which were blowing up with the news. I was up way too late last night to get up and watch the broadcast.

I think this nomination is so special because Dames at Sea is unique for its size. Six people putting on an entire production! It is a reflection of all of us and our commitments and hard work. The amazing cast had no limits or restrictions, and did everything I could ever ask of them.

I will be living a completely regular day, with some extra happiness! I am heading to yoga and then I have to return a book to the library! Life is good.

Jayne Houdyshell, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play for THE HUMANS
I woke up kinda late this morning and woke to discover a lot of texts and emails on my phone. So, I kinda figured that something must have happened! I was very happy to be recognized. It is really deeply meaningful too because I love this play so much. It an extraordinary piece of theatre and writing. We all love going to work every day. Its very meaningful to be recognized for being in something I respect so much and love so much. The role itself is so delicious and yummy and multifaceted and the actor's dream! I've always been very grateful just to have been the person to get the part. I gonna take care of myself today and do the show tonight. I'm so thrilled for Reed and Joe and everyone! They've made such incredible contributions to the season. What a theatre season to be apart of!

Christopher Oram, Best Scenic Design for a Play for HUGHIE.
I am very excited to be nominated for this Tony Award. It is always such a privilege and an honor to work with the amazing, brilliant and talented people on Broadway, and I I'm very proud of the work we all did together on Hughie. The Booth is a beautiful, intimate and soulful theater, and was the perfect space for us to build this mournful and elegiac world for Erie Smith in which he shares his loss and his pain, but ultimately rediscovers his humanity.

Glenn Slater, Best Original Score (Lyrics) for SCHOOL OF ROCK
I woke up early like everyone else and I was sitting on The Edge of my couch in anticipation. I let out a little scream when School of Rock got announced again and again! We are so proud of the show and what we've created and so proud of those kids and Alex and Sierra. It's so great to be personally recognized, but more than anything it feels like a celebration of the show as a whole. I'm gonna bask in the glory for a little while and send a lot of thank yous to everyone that we worked with. And I'll try to add my energy to the energy that's on that stage every night!

Hofesh Shechter, Best Choreography for FIDDLER ON THE ROOF
Wow! It's been a huge pleasure and a most rewarding experience to work on such an important and timeless musical, being taken by the beautiful story and music and swept by Jerome's inspiring germ... And mostly, working with that amazing team, more of a tribe of talented dancers, performers, and a creative team that is nothing short of brilliant. I'm so pleased our hard work has been recognised and mainly so that it may inspire others.

Bill Camp, Best Actor in a Featured Role in a Play for THE CRUCIBLE
I am deeply grateful to the Tony Nominating Committee. It is a privilege to be a part of the remarkable company and production of The Crucible. This would not have happened were I not amongst such an exceptional Acting Company and creative team.

Liesl Tommy, Best Direction of a Play for ECLIPSED
I'm still in shock! I was still in bed because I had just flown in from CA and I'm a bit jet lagged, and my phone starting ringing it was my dear friend in tears, sending me good wishes. It was just one of those things that you never think will happen - it's a dream come true for anyone who has devoted their lives to theater as I have - it's overwhelming.

My brother and my parents who live in South Africa called me and there was incoherent crying - it was a really amazing moment because there has been a lot of sacrifices made. Working on a show like this means so very much to because I have not had to compromise how it was done, how I wanted it to be done. And I still can't believe its on Broadway and that we can share it with audiences and that people have been moved by the show. It means so much.

I plan to stop by the show later and we are going to go out and celebrate - its so incredible!

Danielle Brooks, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical for THE COLOR PURPLE
I simply do not have the words! I am so excited and grateful and happy! I could not stop crying! And, now I can finally sleep! I've been so wrapped up in it all lately, that I haven't been sleeping!

This morning I was talking to my dad a little bit before. He LOVES the Tonys. He said if I ever get nominated he has to be my date! So, then I was watching my amazing cast on the Today Show and my phone was on silent. I looked up to my phone and saw all of these picture messages on my phone I couldn't look yet. I finally called my publicist and cried. Then my manager and cried. Then my mom and cried the most. Once that had passed, my cast called me from the Today Show and the excitement was through the roof! We are all so proud.

I'm definitely going to spend the day with a few close friends coming over. I can finally clear my mind and be completely relaxed at tonight's show.

Danny Burstein, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for FIDDLER ON THE ROOF
I'm so so happy! I watched it this morning with Rebecca on CBS which is always exciting!

Getting nominated is a lovely pat on back recognizing all I've done. This is my sixth nomination in my life, and I can honestly say I've never worked harder than I have on this show! It is magnificent role to play every night. And, even more amazing to receive recognition. I would do this show forever even if theatrical awards did not exist. I want to thank and congratulate my amazing company! And special congratulation to my dear friend Jennifer Simard; I am so proud. I am disappointed for my leading lady Jessica Hecht not be nominated. I would not be the actor I am in the show without her.

I will celebrate by driving into the city and going to work!!

Cynthia Erivo, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical for THE COLOR PURPLE
Just before we were about to perform on live TODAY we learned the news of the nominations and I was completely overwhelmed, I was speechless for 3 or 4 seconds. I just looked at Matt Lauer when he told me on live TV in silence, nothing came out of my mouth! But, then of course I was overwhelmed and overjoyed, and the fact that we found out all together as a cast made it even more special.

Later today I'm going to have lunch with a friend but right now I'm going to have a nap, we had to be at the Today Studio at 6 am today. So it will be a long day but a long very happy day!

It means the world to me. I didn't come here with any expectations to be nominated, I didn't realize that Celie would affect people this way or that this community would think me worthy to have the nomination. It's all really cool!

Scott Ellis, Best Direction of a Musical for SHE LOVES ME
I'm in Vancouver right now, so I'm only half awake. My niece texted me to tell me, so that was nice! Then I started watching. She Loves Me was my first Broadway show too, so to revisit it and do it differently has been a challenge... and a great reward. I never thought I would do it again, but [Todd] Haimes pushed me to do it and I'm glad I did. It was an incredible journey. I'm looking at love in a different way now. I'm scouting locations today for a Hulu pilot I'm working on, so I bet I'm the only nominee who is celebrating that way today!

Zachary Levi, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for SHE LOVES ME
My agent beat everyone to the punch to tell me this morning. I think he probably started calling as soon as he heard "Zzz" come out of their mouths. And then my publicist and my sister called. But that Joe Machota beat them all and he said, "Good morning, Tony nominee Zachary Levi!" So I've been texting with the cast and Scott [Ellis] called. It's so special... I'm really emotional right now. I think ever since I was a little kid I loved entertain people. I really wanted to be great at it. Not that awards dictate if you're any good or not... it's the audience and the connection you make with them. I've never been recognized like this. It feels very validating and cool to be a part of that level of talent. It's going to take me a while to process. And I'm going to celebrate at the show tonight. We've still got eight shows this week, so it's gonna be a special one tonight!

Steve Martin & Edie Brickel, Best Original Score for BRIGHT STAR
We are very very excited! It is a feeling I've- we've never experienced before! There is nothing to compare this feeling to. I was actually watching it on BroadwayWorld! But some how I missed the announcement! So then I received a text from my agent telling me and I was over the moon!

Steve- For me this acknowledgment is less of a selfish thing being just about me, but more of a salute to the entire cast and creative team! It also announces to Audience members just how phenomenal our show really is. We've been pulling in audiences but this genuinely shows our glory!

Edie- I am so proud beyond words of the entire team: cast, crew, creative team, everyone! This is something I have wanted for so so long, and I am incredibly proud to get to this point with this team!

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Best Original Score for SCHOOL OF ROCK
This is fantastic. We have just had Jack Black see our show and proclaim it 'A Broadway Masterpiece.' Now we get this nomination! We are very proud, but the real prize will continue to be all the young people being inspired to pick up an instrument after seeing and loving 'School of Rock' on Broadway

Carmen Cusack, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical for BRIGHT STAR
I was asleep this morning and I woke to my phone ringing. I usually don't keep it on but my agents begged me to leave it on, so they woke me up with the news.

It means the world to me. You know as soon as I read the script I knew it was one of those roles that if everything fell into place I could see it going the distance and here we are. But I just felt this character immediately and I responded to the story.

I'm not sure how I'll celebrate today. I'm not much of a planner - I don't think that far ahead so I think I'll just enjoy the present, enjoy the ride, get some coffee. I just had a wonderful call with my husband who's in L.A. He was more nervous for me last night than I've ever been in my life - bless his heart. When he gets back from L.A. we'll go out for a champagne dinner. He's definitely been my biggest cheerleader!

Sara Bareilles, Best Original Score for WAITRESS
Working on Waitress has been a life changing experience personally and professionally. What I have learned from my collaborators on this show and the theater community at large about heart, perseverance, intention, and grace has rewired the way I think about what I put into the world as an artist. Congratulations to all the nominees, as well as all those wonderful shows, actors, singers, dancers and creators who simply make up this unique and inspired medium... awards or not. It is truly the highest honor to be sharing this theater season with such outstanding artists. I am very grateful to be here and consider myself a very lucky girl.

Christopher Fitzgerald, Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical for WAITRESS
This is my third time being nominated for a Tony and the last couple of times were years ago. I slept in for those ones. This time we got everyone up and to school and by the time we got back it was 8:30 and we were like, "Why not? Let's watch." And then the screen went green and then we thought it crapped out so we decided to leave and go to breakfast. Then my manager called to tell me the news! The category that I'm in... I'm so happy I get to hang out with them. And maybe if I'm lucky some of their cool will rub off on me. I'm thrilled! To be nominated in this season... It's such an exciting time to be in a show. And to get to play a character that lands with people! I'm so happy that Waitress is getting recognition. I'm gonna celebrate with breakfast with my wife and then we'll go to Trader Joe's. I might do something especially crazy and get the chicken salad!

Laura Benanti, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical for SHE LOVES ME
This is all so very exciting! This is my first time being nominated for Leading Actress in a Musical which is a huge honor! I truly love this part in SHE LOVES ME because not only do I get to sing soprano, but I get to be funny and have a blast being fun on stage..

This is the first time my husband and I ever watched the live coverage. I used to just wait for texts from friends and family that said "Yay!!" or "Aww!" But we were both awake so we decided to be different and watch it for a change! And I am so happy we did!

Christopher Jackson, Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical for HAMILTON
I'm having a fairly good morning! [Laughs]. I was with my wife trying to be as calm as possible, and that was really difficult because my category was one of the last ones that was announced. And, to be nominated in this category along with Daveed and Groff... it's such an honor. My first Broadway show was in 1997 and this is my 7th show. My entire life has happened on and off of a Broadway stage. There really aren't words for this. It makes me think about all the people who have helped me along the way. I'm gonna celebrate today by going to work. This is the mountaintop as far as honors go. The more I think about this, the less sense it all makes!

Michael Shannon, Nominee for Best Performance By An Actor In A Featured Role In A Play for Long Day's Journey Into Night
I am very honored, although I can only accept so much credit. I am playing one of the most exquisitely written roles in the history of American drama.

Megan Hilty, Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play in NOISES OFF
This is insane!!! And SO exciting!!! Thank you Tony Awards for all the Noises Off love!!! And congratulations to all the nominees!

Ivo van Hove, Best Direction of a Play for Arthur Miller'S A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE
I am the general director of a huge theatre in Amsterdam and I was in the middle of a big meeting to talk about some difficult technical things. Then my agent called me and told me about the nominations one by one. It's like Christmas here! It means a lot really, because these were my first Broadway shows. It's a feeling unlike anything else. And four of my shows were in New York at the same time- A View From the Bridge, The Crucible, Lazarus, and Antigone. I felt really very much respected. I had fabulous casts in all of them and I feel really blessed to have them. Now it feels even more wonderful! For a non-English speaking director.... this doesn't happen every day. It's above my expectations. I certainly will drink to celebrate today!

Florian Zeller, Author of THE FATHER
It is with great pleasure that I have just heard that THE FATHER has been nominated for two Tony Awards. The play has been produced in many countries before New York, but I must admit that the American production is particularly dear to me. For a French author, New York is the capital of theatre and consequently, the capital of all one's dreams. Thank you to all those who were so supportive. Thank you to those who made it possible, in particular to Christopher Hampton, Doug Hughes, the Manhattan Theatre Club, and of course to Frank Langella for whom I have such admiration. Paris - May 3, 2016

Finn Ross, Best Scenic Design of a Musical for AMERICAN PSYCHO
I am very excited. It's an honour to take work from London to New York and have it recognised like this, especially being nominated with Es [Devlin] as it recognises the teamwork that goes into making a design like 'Psycho.' The opportunity to do something so totally with video doesn't always present itself, and so I am glad we have been able to create something people are enjoying so much.

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