Get More Information About Bakehouse Theatre's 2018 Fringe Shows

Get More Information About Bakehouse Theatre's 2018 Fringe Shows

Get more information on the Adelaide Fringe show presented at the Bakehouse! Scroll down for the shows, in order of appearance!

FIRST NAME UNKNOWN presented by a priori projects.
(Mainstage) - NSW
The CIA, ASIO and Border Force will deny the authenticity of the work based on leaked audio transcripts and adapted for theatre. When we came across the text we felt compelled to translate this story, almost too horrifying to believe - but it's a story we needed to tell. Mature audiences, contains strong sexual content and some violence.
February 12 to 24 @ 7.30pm
Duration 60 mins. Rating:- 18+
Adults $23, Conc $18, Fringe Members $17.25, Passholders $22.50, Bank SA $18, Fringe Artists $0, Companion Card $0, Preview Mon 12th all tix $10, Monday 19th all tix $18, Cheap Tuesdays $18

IVY + BEAN THE MUSICAL presented by T H E G E M I N I C O L L E C T I V E .
(Mainstage) - SA
Come meet quiet Ivy, who has amazing ideas, and outgoing Bean, who loves to put ideas into action. The mischievous second-grade heroines of The New York Times best-selling stories will be plotting their exploits onstage in this lively musical. What does it take to beat a World record? Will their magic spells work on Nancy the nasty older sister?
Feb 16, 17, 25, March 2, 3, 23, @ 4pm. Feb 17, March 3rd @ 2pm
60 mins. Rating - G
Preview $15, Adult $23, Conc $20, Child $18, Groups (6+) $20, Family $75, Bank SA $15

EURIPIDES' ALCESTIS presented by Scrambled Prince Theatre Company. (Mainstage) - VIC
The story of a woman's willing sacrifice for love, and the casual acceptance of her death by all around her. Fickle fates, uncaring gods and selfish men conspire to send Alcestis to Hades in her husband's place. An irreverent and disturbing exploration of Euripides' most elusive story, through movement, music and Irish Language song.
February 19 to 23 at 6pm. Matinee Feb 24 at 1pm. Duration: 60 mins.
A $23, Conc $18, Fringe M. $17.25, Groups (6+) $15, Bank SA $18, Child $12.50, Artist Pass $0, Cheap Tuesday $10, Companion Card $0

THE BRIDGE - presented by Green Eggs & Ham (Studio Theatre) - CANADA
An anonymous man and woman search for the last of their kind under the beaconing arch of the Golden Gate Bridge. Humour, heartbreak, shadow puppets, and Christopher Walken bring this post-apocalyptic tale of love and survival to life.
February 19 to 24 @ 6pm. - Duration 50 mins.
Adults $15, Concession and Children $13

THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER presented by Grist To the Mill Productions Ltd. (Studio Theatre)- UK
Jack stayed on after the guns fell silent, to search the battlefields for the boys that could not go home, and amongst the rusty wire and unexploded bombs Jack is looking for something - he has a promise to keep and debt to repay - now there is this strange request from the generals. 5?Fringe Guru, 5?Three Weeks, 4?The Scotsman, 4?The Independent
February 19 to Feb 24th @ 7.30pm, Feb 26th & March 1 @ 6pm - Duration 60 mins.
Adults $25, Conc. $20, Fringe M. $18.75, Groups $18, Cheap Tues $15, Bank SA $18.75, Pass Holder $20

ANTHEM FOR A DOOMED YOUTH presented by Guy Masterson - CIT. (Mainstage)- UK
Adelaide Fringe favourite Guy Masterson brings the WW1 trenches to vivid life in a moving compendium of stories & poems from both sides of No-Mans Land featuring Owen, Brooke, Sassoon, 'The Christmas Truce' and 'All Quiet on the Western Front' among others. "5 STARS: A powerfully evocative tour de force. A master of his art."
February 19 to March 3 @ 9pm - Duration 75 mins.
Ad. $30, Conc $25, Fringe M $17.25, Groups (6+) $21, Family $66, Bank SA 23.25, Child $18, Com. Card $0

LOVES ME / LOVES ME NOT presented by Joel Clapham. (Studio Theatre)- VIC
Following the critical success of Humpty Dumpty Daddy, a story of fatherhood and mental health, Loves Me/Loves Me Not is JC Clapham's new compassionate comedy show about losing love, but finding yourself (and all the shit in between). "A self-deprecating, charming, bone-deep portrayal delivered with delicate wit and humour: - Vera Poh
Feb 19 to Mar 3 @ 9pm. Duration 60mins
Adults $21, Conc $16, Fringe Members $15.75, Groups (6+) $16, Bank SA $12.75-$16.50, Cheap Tuesday $16,

GRETEL presented by Scrambled Prince Theatre Company. (Mainstage)- VIC
Gretel explores the real story of this legendary girl. To start with there is no Hansel, and no mother to run away from. Instead there is a village run by (and for) men, where women have no voice, no choice and no options. Gretel runs to the forest, where she meets witches, an ageless crow and her destiny. The Handmaids Tale meets a fairytale.
February 21 &24 @ 6pm. Feb 20, 22, 23 @ 1pm - Duration 60 mins.
Adults $23, Conc $18, Fringe Members $17.25, Groups (6+) $15, Bank SA $18, Children $18, Family $50, Artist Pass $0, Companion Card $0

THE EMPRESS AND ME presented by Grist To the Mill Productions Ltd. (Studio Theatre)- UK
The amazing true story of the Princess Der Ling who, as the daughter of a Chinese Diplomat and Eurasian mother, was raised in France to be every bit the Victorian Lady, only to find herself living in the Forbidden City as lady in waiting to the infamous Empress Cixi. So just who is Princess Der Ling?
A story of one woman's search for her identity.
Feb 22 @ 7:30pm, Feb 27 @ 6pm, Fri Mar 2 @ 6pm. Duration 60 mins
Adults $25, Conc $20, Child $20, Fringe M $18.75, Groups $18, Cheap Tues. $15, Bank SA $18.75, Pass $20

GRATIANO presented by Grist To the Mill Productions Ltd. (Studio Theatre)- UK
Bassanio is murdered and, under suspicion, Gratiano has to revisit his Fascist past. He was never the hero, just a minor character, the plucky comic relief, and he never thought he played the villain. A challenging sequel to William Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice' that challenges the politics of hate, then and now. ?????British Theatre Guide
Feb 23 @ 7.30pm Feb 28 @ 6pm, March 3 @ 6pm - Duration 60mins
Adults $25, Conc $20, Children $20, Fringe Members $18.75, Groups (6+) $18, Cheap Tuesday $15, Bank SA $18.75, Pass Holder Discount $20

SMOKING WITH GRANDMA presented by ThreeWoods Playwright . (Mainstage) - HONG KONG
We Refugee, The Eternal Foreigner; We are all...a drifting wood. Every refugee has an untold story behind closed doors. The Advertiser **** Hong Kong Theatre Libre ****(*) Edfringereview: "Speaks volumes in its silence..." Weekend Notes:"Relevant and a real theatre piece..." Collage: "Bringing the common human struggle into sharp focus..."
February 26 to March 10 @ 6pm - Duration 50 mins.
Adults $23, Conc $20, Child $15, Fringe Members $17.25, Groups (6+) $18, Bank SA $18, Artists $0, Com. Card $0, Preview 26th $18, Cheap Tuesday $15

SHELL SHOCK presented by Guy Masterson - CIT/Tim Mariott (Mainstage) - UK
A darkly comic tale of an ex-army medic who does NOT have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Adapted from the Neil Watkin's deeply personal novel, it portrays a moving and poignant struggle with life back on Civvy Street after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Performed by veteran comedy actor Tim Marriott (BBC TV's The Brittas Empire) "Outstanding... Astonishing and astounding" FringeReview No. 2 in the "Lest We Forget" Series
February 26 to March 16 @ 7.30pm. Duration 65 mins.
Ad $30, Con. $22.50, F.M $22.50, Child $22.50, Family $88.00, Grps $22.50, BankSA $23.25, Chp Tues $20

THE BEST CORN CHIP IN THE UNIVERSE presented by Michael Cullen. (Studio Theatre)- NSW
Mike's life is routine. He cries out to the Universe for "Something More!". The Universe responds. Didn't see that one coming, did he? Let's hope he's ready. Using physical theatre, puppetry and clowning, you'll witness the creation of the universe, evolution, black holes, Omnipotent Beings, cups of tea and a Corn Chip;The Best one in the Universe.
Feb 26 to March 10 @ 7.30pm. Duration 50 mins.
Adults $20, Conc $15, Children $15, Family $50, Groups (6+) $15, Previews $15, Cheap Tuesdays $10

MENGELE presented by Guy Masterson - CIT/Tim Mariott (Mainstage)- UK
A brutal and surprisingly contemporary expose of a charming manipulator and sociopathic narcissist.
1979, a beach in Brazil. An elderly man takes his morning swim. He has a seizure, is washed ashore and confronted by a local woman whom he assumes has saved him. Flattered and entranced by this enigmatic presence, he is seduced into revealing himself. As he seeks to justify his life he ultimately only succeeds in damning himself. Performed by Tim Marriott as 'Mengele' and Melanie Munt as 'Azra'
Number 3 in the "Lest We Forget" seriesFebruary 27 to March 17 @ 7.30pm - Duration 60 mins.
Adults $30, Conc $22.50, Fringe M. $22.50, Child $22.50, Family $91.00, Groups $22.50, Bank SA $23.25, Cheap Tues. $20

GIANTOLOGY - stand up comedy presented by Michael Hackett. (Studio Theatre)- UK
Can this freak learn to love, hate or simply fit in?? His story's not the usual one...See this official giant play with his audience about common life scenarios and challenge them in funny ways to think differently. His interactive and dynamic style means not only do the audience feel involved, they come away with the special feeling they've just experienced something special and unique.
March 5 - 10 @ 6pm, March 12 - 17 @ 7.30pm. Duration 55 min.
Adults $23, Conc $19, Fringe Members $17.25, Groups (6+) $19, Bank SA $17.25, Cheap Tuesdays $17

BETWEEN THE CROSSES presented by Guy Masterson - CIT. (Mainstage)- UK
A true story and powerful metaphysical dialogue between the living and the dead. WW1 veteran Edgar Huggins held his tongue despite the horror he'd witnessed. Now he speaks from beyond the grave. This unique theatrical experience questions society's need to create heroes and invites us to comprehend the trauma & guilt of the survivor. Number 4 in the"Lest We Forget" series
March 5 to 10 @ 9pm - Duration 60 mins.
Adults $30, Conc $25, Preview $20, Fringe Members $17.25, Groups (6+) $18, Family $66, Cheap Tuesday $18, Bank SA $23.25, Companion Card $0

APARTMENT OF THE FEIGN presented by Max's Masters. (Studio Theatre)- SA
The world is harsh and cruel and even harder without true friends, So why not imagine them? That is exactly what Bert does. He lives in an apartment with three imaginary friends, who could not be more real to him.The wild characters consisting of a Cowgirl, a Posh Englishman and a Mute. Who could possibly want real friends anyway?
March 5 - 10 @ 9pm. Duration 75mins
Adults $29, Conc $24, Groups (6+) $20, Tuesday 6th Cheap Tues $19

THE NAKED PAINTERS presented by Tim Patch. (Studio Theatre)- QLD
There are millions of Artists in the world, but in 2004 Tim Patch invented Penis Painting and became the first artist to paint full time with his Penis. Naming himself Pricasso he demonstrates his skills and describes the process in comical detail. His alter ego, Speedy da Vinci, will speed paint some famous faces with spectacular paint effects.
March 12 to 17 @ 9pm Duration 60 mins - ADULTS ONLY
Adults $25, Conc $20, Fringe Members $20, Groups (6+) $20, Bank SA $20, Cheap Tuesday $15

ABANDON SHIP! presented by CCtheatreCo. (Mainstage)- SA
Why do Pirates only ever have half a map? This swashbuckling musical voyage sees opposing Pirate clans try to put their rivalry aside. When the Blue Eels are forced to Abandon Ship, and seek refuge with the all girl crew, the Salty Seahags, is treasure all they will find? With comedy, sea shanties and epic battles this an adventure for all ages.
March 14 to 17 @ 6pm, March 15 to 17 @ 2pm - Duration 60min
Adults $27, Family $75, Children $18, Companion Card $0

41 SECONDS presented by Talk Out Loud Australia. (Mary Galouzis) (Studio Theatre)- SA
Every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide. Every 41 seconds someone else is left behind to make sense of it. Original music and real stories are used to explore the devastating effects of suicide loss. Is it possible to overcome grief by revealing who we are or will it destroy everything we know about each other? Every second matters.
March 14 to 17 @ 6pm. Rating M. Duration 60mins
Adults $20, Concession $17, Child $15, Family $60, Bank SA $15.75, Group (6+) $17, Artists $0, Pass holders $8, Companion Card $0, Preview 14th $12

Get More Information About Bakehouse Theatre's 2018 Fringe Shows

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