NO SUCH THING Evening of Performance Set for the New Diorama Theatre, Feb 10

NO SUCH THING Evening of Performance Set for the New Diorama Theatre, Feb 10

no such thing: a new evening of performance will launch in London on Monday 10th February 2014 at the New Diorama Theatre.

London-based Lecoq theatre companies Rhum and Clay and On The Run present a brand new night of performance, celebrating bold short-form work at the New Diorama Theatre. Applications are now open to emerging and established artists to take part in this brand new initiative.

· This pilot night will showcase an eclectic range of short form theatre

· This is not a scratch night but an evening of fully formed, polished short pieces

· The programme will present work from circus to puppetry and clowning to the spoken word - anything unique and powerful

· This night provides a curated platform for short pieces that are small in form, big in ideas

no such thing will showcase a diverse range of pieces, each no longer than 15 minutes in length, exploring the art of short form theatre. The night calls for pieces that don't necessarily use a play script as the starting point, but are created more collaboratively.


'The Matilda Cure' by Cuckoo and Co

A physical, comic piece that explores how a professor has discovered a cure for hysterical and disruptive women based on his study of Matilda. Looking critically at hysteria through a comic lens, this piece plays with lovesickness and homesickness - questioning which is which.

'Mind The Gap' by Hot Tubs and Trampolines

Inspired by this captivating true story of Oswald Laurence's widow (the man who recorded 'Mind The Gap'), Hot Tubs & Trampolines present an innovative piece of purely visual storytelling, exploring what it really means to feel alone.

'The Conductor' by Julian Spooner and Jennifer Swingler

Bowing out for the final time, Pierre Von Straussenheim is conducting his last orchestra. A fiery explosion of gestures and chords, strings and trumpets; a feast for the senses. Expect an emotional affair. Made in association with Ferodo Bridges.

'The Infinite Struggle' by Michael L Rawstrone

A man wakes up to find that he has lost the feeling and control over his legs.

The piece explores balance and support through dynamic clowning and physical movement.

'Black Hoods' by Old Watty Theatre Company

Black Hoods is an adult puppetry sketch show full of an assortment of silly and nonsensical humour. The eerie duo manipulate a variety of different puppets in a bizarre and slightly surreal series of events. Combining elements of clowning and influences from traditional Bunraku.

'Lie Back and Think of England' by Rachel Lincoln

An anarchic performance lecture, led by a super shy, awkwardly confident, other worldly teacher explores the British culture's excitement, embarrassment and ineptitude around the unspeakable subject of... sex.

Music from Laila Woozeer, Danilo Borgeth and Sarah Triggs during the evening.


David Ralfe, co-creator of no such thing: "No Such Thing provides artists and audiences with a home for bold, risk-taking work. We hope it will foster a community of open-minded artists and collaborators who are passionate about innovative, short-form theatre. Audiences can expect an evening of original and exhilarating new work".

Christopher Harrisson, co-creator of no such thing: "Shorter works are a fantastic way of exploring interesting concepts, both formally and intellectually. Though small, they can pack a hefty emotional punch, often more profound than pieces far longer. At No Such Thing there will be pieces that are three minutes long and fifteen minutes long, comedy and tragedy, dance and clowning and circus"

This pilot event is a great opportunity for up-and-coming and established experimental artists to showcase their work at the New Diorama Theatre.

Tickets: £10.50, £8.50 concession. Box office: 020 7383 9034 /

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