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Asolo Repertory Theatre presents an FSU/Asolo Conservatory production of the New Stages project HAMLET REDUX, a 60 minute adaptation from the play by William Shakespeare. As a second successful touring season begins, New Stages will reach out to schools, organizations and creative venues across the state. New this year: Two companies will tour, creating more opportunities for performances and dialogue within our communities. This new adaptation by Stephanie Fleischmann and Dmitry Troyanovsky and directed by Dmitry Troyanovsky, embarks on a one month-plus tour tonight; special Opening Night public performances in the Cook Theatre will be on October 6th at 6 pm & 8:30 pm.

"From start to finish, this season is all about inspired re-invention," affirms Michael Donald Edwards, Asolo Rep?s Producing Artistic Director. HAMLET REDUX will introduce students to one of Shakespeare?s greatest plays. At the same time, it will serve as a thematic connection to Asolo Rep?s mainstage season, which includes yet another reinvention - a production of the new adaptation, Hamlet, Prince of Cuba. The mainstage production runs March 23 - May 6, with selected performances in Spanish with English subtitles. HAMLET REDUX explores Shakespeare?s timeless tragedy in an intensely theatrical style, raising questions that are as relevant today as they were 400 years ago. What do you do when you are faced with an impossible decision? How do you take action? How do you confront the fragility of human life? How do you stay true to yourself in a world of deception and play acting?

"When we are young, we think life offers us infinite possibilities. We can do anything. But as we grow up, we realize some things don?t go according to our plan. We lose some of our illusions of total freedom and limitless choice. In that sense, Hamlet is a play about growing up - about shedding our youthful illusions as we confront the inhospitable world around us," HAMLET REDUX director Dmitry Troyanovsky offers his vision for the production. "Hamlet finds himself in a very tough situation, which he can?t quite control or direct. He rages against the things life imposes on him. When he buries his father, he can?t come to terms with his mother?s marriage and his uncle?s new role as king. When the ghost reveals the truth, Hamlet has misgivings about his vengeful duty. He famously proclaims: „O cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right!? Yet another part he never wanted to play. With every action, he?s drawn deeper into events that seem beyond his control. In the course of the play, Hamlet transforms from an idealistic youth to a wiser (maybe a harsher) soul, all too familiar with, „the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.? Hamlet grows up."

New Stages reached over 10,000 people in its previous tour Antigone Now - with over 40 performances, from Tampa to Punta Gorda. Asolo Rep?s Education and Outreach Director, Brian Hersh expands on the future of New Stages, "HAMLET REDUX is building on the past success (of Antigone Now) while serving the need to make engaging, high-quality, live theatre accessible to audiences throughout the region. Two casts will be performing all over Florida in high schools, museums, theatres, and various other venues. During such difficult times, it is as important as ever to ensure people of all backgrounds, and especially young people, have the chance to experience what makes live theatre an essential element in our lives." 

New Stages endeavors to enhance every theatre opportunity. An excellent example of how New Stages is pushing the theatrical envelope is Asolo Rep?s new partnership with the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs. This year HAMLET REDUX will be in residence October 10 -- 14th at the new South-Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center performing for schools and the public as part of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs Shadow Interpreted Theatre Program and Open Access Theatre Series. This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. The Shadow Interpreted Theatre Program utilizes specially trained American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, in a "shadow" performance literally paired alongside the HAMLET REDUX actors, creating a unique art form seamlessly integrated into the live performance. Instead of the interpreter standing separate, insplit focus with typical staging, audience members who are deaf can simultaneously see and "hear" the performance and enjoy the same theatre experience as hearing audiences. In addition, other ASL users such as those with Autism and Audio Processing Disorders will also have an active link to now enjoy a complete, innovative, theatrical experience showcasing Shakespeare?s language. The actors will rehearse with the interpreters to establish a groundbreaking physical and visual experience for any audience member (similar to watching a film with subtitles). New Stages will reach a new audience in a refreshing way. 

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