Creating Arts Company's original show The Boondoggles Adventure will preview for one weekend only at The Historic Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica this weekend, July 26th and 27th, 2014. The show will run from 3pm-4:30pm and is recommended for then entire family, children ages 4 and up. Tickets are on sale now. This original show was created and written by local performing artists Shannon Sukovaty with music and lyrics by Dan Sugi.

"We wanted to create a show that showed diversity of characters and empowered children to overcome any obstacles." Said Creator Shannon Sukovaty. The shows characters are truly unique while very familiar. There is a deaf fairy, a cowboy, a clumsy ninja, a overly nice monster, a strong princess, a diva and many more, all of which are imaginary friends living in their own world. Sukovaty explains "Boondoggle Central is the place where imaginary friends end up when they've been discarded and their creators [children] don't want them any longer, for whatever reason." The story is about Colton the Cowboys arrival into Boondoggle Central, where he finds himself lost and sets out on a journey to find a way back to the real world to find his boy Michael. Sukovaty wrote the show as an episodic, with the ending that closes the first adventure but set's up The Boondoggles 2, Into the Real World.

With a book that has heart-felt plot points that adults will love just as much as children, this musical is strong enough to stand on it's own for any age. The music and lyrics are truly extraordinary with large dance numbers and ballads. Dan Sugi , who wrote the score and is also the lyricist wanted the music to capture the magical quality of the characters.

The Boondoggles Adventure received critical acclaim when it previewed in 2013 by critics and audiences alike. The 2014 preview has been reworked with new songs, character and plot development and is sure to leave audiences on their feet. The show time runs one hour and thirty minutes with no intermission and is partially interactive. It is part of Creating Arts Company's Jr. Broadway series. For more information visit You can follow Creating Arts Company on and

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