Photo Flash: Jack Betts' IT GOES LIKE THIS Opening at Marilyn Monroe Theatre

April 11
4:37 PM 2013
The Lee Strasberg Center is hosting the world premiere of a very timely new theatrical work by Jack Betts at The Marilyn Monroe Theatre in Los Angeles entitled "IT GOES LIKE THIS." Guests at last Friday night's opening included Kate Linder (Y&R), Geri Jewell (Deadwood & Facts of Life), Barbara Van Orden (Welcome Back Cotter) as well as the evening's hostess, Ms. Doris Roberts. BroadwayWorld has photos from the opening festivities below!

Roberts addressed the attendees by saying, "'IT GOES LIKE THIS" has a message that Americans, Congress and the Supreme Court need to hear, as the subject of gay marriage is being put to the vote." Mr. Betts added, "While the battle for family values rages on, we are in fact tearing the fabric of the American family apart."

"IT GOES LIKE THIS" is about acceptance. When U.S. General Douglas Gallegher receives a letter from a Rowena Sinclair, stating that she has the last of his deceased twin brother's belongings and a book that he had written about his life, he is forced to re-evaluate decissions made in his youth. Gallegher, estranged from his homosexual brother with great enmity, for over thirty five years, decides to go and get his things. After spending a few hours with the lovely Rowena Sinclair, a very successful artist and pillar of the community, his shocking discovery that his twin brother has had a sex change operation, inexorably and drastically changes both their lives forever. This play a culmination of 31 years of writing, addressing the mainstream fear about a variety of issues. Most importantly, it brings awareness to the discrimination & hatred faced by so many individuals in the world today. This play is moving audiences to tears, laughter but most importantly, understanding & acceptance of a community that has faced such incredible discrimation over the years. And so.....IT GOES LIKE THIS!

"IT GOES LIKE THIS" is directed by Jack Betts and stars Kevin McKorkle as General Douglas Gallegher, Laurie O'Brien as the mysterious Rowena Sinclair, Rachel O'Meara as Douglas Gallegher's wife Colleece, the personal secretary to a prominent Senator, and their two sons Jason and Eric Gallegher, played by Justin Preston and Edan Freiberger, respectively, and is produced by David Bartlett.

The show opened Friday, April 5 and runs to Sunday May 5 at The Marilyn Monroe Theatre At The Lee Strasberg Creative Center, 7936 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood, Calif. Tickets: $25 general admission*, $10 students (*$5 will be donated to the Gay Orphaned Children in New York fund sponsored by Doris Roberts and Jack Betts.) To purchase tickets visit: Phone: (323) 650-7777.

Historically, acceptance and accuracy, has not always been the case when homo or transexuality is portrayed. Many people often see it as a physical impairment before they consider person, identifying characters through one particular physical trait and showing them as unable to operate independently in the community. The inner workings of personality that make someone a unique individual are not central to their themes. In Jack Betts' "IT GOES LIKE THIS," he addresses the idea of removing stereotypes and unconscious bias in the way people are portrayed in the public eye.

Photo Credit: Angela George of Sharon Graphics

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Photo Flash: Jack Betts' IT GOES LIKE THIS Opening at Marilyn Monroe Theatre

Photo Flash: Jack Betts' IT GOES LIKE THIS Opening at Marilyn Monroe Theatre
Cast Bow - Edan Freiberger, Laurie O'Brien, Kevin McKorkle, Rachel O'Meara and Justin Preston

Photo Flash: Jack Betts' IT GOES LIKE THIS Opening at Marilyn Monroe Theatre
Rachel O'Meara, Kevin McKorkle, Laurie O'Brien, Jack Betts, Doris Roberts, Justin Preston and Edan Freiberger

Photo Flash: Jack Betts' IT GOES LIKE THIS Opening at Marilyn Monroe Theatre
Kate Linder, Jack Betts and Barbara Van Orden

Photo Flash: Jack Betts' IT GOES LIKE THIS Opening at Marilyn Monroe Theatre
Kate Linder, Doris Roberts and Geri Jewell

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