Kristie Roldan's Look Up Point Design Crafts Lesli Margherita's ALL HAIL THE QUEEN

July 2
12:22 PM 2014
Kristie Roldan's Look Up Point Design Crafts Lesli Margherita's ALL HAIL THE QUEEN

Last month Look Up Point Design's Kristie Roldan designed Olivier Award winner Lesli Margherita's critically acclaimed nightclub act, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN, for its premiere at 54 Below, Broadway's Supper club.

An evening of sheer entertainment, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN is "totally more than a cabaret." It's a Vegas-style nightclub act. Margherita (Matilda, Zorro) commands the room with sass and bawdiness -- plus some self-deprecating humor for good measure.

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN swings between hilarious storytelling and showstopping numbers and Margherita's flair and energy is well supported by Roldan's rich color palettes and well carved out scenes. "Lesli is a powerhouse whose personality really comes out in this show, "bold and fun" were my first two thoughts seeing the show and I went all out to create a vibrant place on stage for Lesli to work her magic."

Roldan has designed ALL HAIL THE QUEEN in clubs in Los Angeles and New York since 2010. "Over the years I've worked with Lauren and Lesli in a number of venues and we have reworked the show a few times in order to take advantage of the benefits of each space", says Roldan "Most of the spaces have been intimate though architecturally very, different giving me a number of challenges in trying to stay true to the original look and design intent."

Produced by Jordan Bass & Lauren Bass, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN is written & conceived by Margherita, directed by Lauren Bass with Musical Direction & Arrangements by Brett Ryback (Murder for Two). For more information about the show visit

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