The King's Castle Theatre Presents LE GRAND CIRQUE

The King's Castle Theatre Presents LE GRAND CIRQUE

The King's Castle Theatre is proud to present LE GRAND CIRQUE!

An amazing production, a thrilling experience, Branson's most exciting summer show comes to town!

Seen by millions of people around the world, Le Grand Cirque is a famous, award winning show that has smashed box office records in 15 different countries.

Le Grand Cirque is the biggest selling show ever to appear in the Sydney Opera House in Australia where the show was first created.

It features a jaw dropping visual feast of magnificent acrobatics and white knuckle extreme stunts that will leave you breathless!

For the first time ever- the "Wheel of Death" comes to Branson! Where two daredevil stunt men hurl themselves around the wheel of death within an inch of their lives. As if this isn't enough, the show then presents two full size motorcycles screaming inside a Globe at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour! But it's not all extreme stunts- the show also delivers comedy, laughter, and lots of enjoyment for the entire family.

Le Grand Cirque is slated to be the biggest and best summer show in Branson!

Le Grand Cirque - Where the impossible happens before your eyes!

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