J.R. Spaulding Jr's Absurdist Satire Comes to MadLab Theatre, Now thru 12/21

J.R. Spaulding Jr's Absurdist Satire Comes to MadLab Theatre, Now thru 12/21

A Product of Resourcefulness and Efficiency in America's Never-Ending Battle for Absolute Supremacy and General All-Around Kick-Assedness -- the world premiere of J.R. Spaulding Jr.'s absurdist satire about a man in middle management trying to build a wall to separate "us" from "them" -- is set to play MadLab Theatre.

All Mr. Rondo and his assistant Ms. Ricki want is to build a wall of "grandiloquent scale and epic importance" in hopes of creating a symbol for Americans that will provide them purpose in what seems to be an otherwise meaningless and mundane life. But what initially seems to be a noble and most elementary task becomes increasingly more difficult to achieve as they face a lack of manpower, limited supplies, and a time crunch that will put them in an epic showdown against the oppression of America's one-percent, also known as The Man.

Showtimes: 8 p.m., tonight, December 5, Friday December 6, and Saturday December 7, Friday December 13 and Saturday December 14, Friday December 20 and Saturday December 21. Tickets: $12, $10 for students and senior citizens, $8 for MadLab members http://www.madlab.net/MadLab/Buy_Tickets.html.


Rondo - Stephen Woosley

Ricki - Colleen Dunne

Foreman - John Kuhn

Albert - Casey May

Agent Stern - Erik Sternberger

The Man - Shana Kramer

Emissary - Amanda Loch

Directed by Andy Batt

About the Playwright: J.R. Spaulding Jr. grew up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula where he currently lives with one dazzling wife, two loveable stepchildren, a rat, two cats, and his anxiety-ridden pitbull, Medea. As a teacher he uses his super powers to un-socialize and de-roboticize the youth of America in hopes to create a new world order of literati elitists. He received a B.A. in English Education and an M.A. in theatre history from Michigan State University where he learned, above all, that wolverines are barely more than oversized, dumpster-diving rodents, and he loathes the filthy vermin as much as any Buckeye ever could.

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